Holi (Hair): Sharing my tips for healthy gorgeous hair.

Holi (Hair): Sharing my tips for healthy gorgeous hair.

Our founder, Jena Covello, has THE MOST incredible hair. So naturally we caught up with her to get all of the details of her hair care routine. Jena shares everything from her favorite shampoo and conditioner to the supplements she swears by. We also discuss holi (mane) and her latest launch, holi (locks) and hair (silk) peptides. You don’t want to miss this!

What inspired you to create holi (mane)?

My mom actually. She didn't like holi (youth) and asked me to send her the collagen and pearl. She said it was the best collagen she ever tried in terms of seeing drastic results with thicker looking hair, strong nails, and less wrinkles. The pearl also makes the hair incredibly shiny and soft. Aside from the hair, skin, and nails benefits of collagen, it also repairs leaky gut by coating the gut lining. This in turn lowers inflammation in the gut and redness in the skin. Collagen is backed by so many scientific studies that test the efficacy of its ability to reverse wrinkles and hydrate the skin. 

Read more about the science behind collagen here and pearl powder here

What’s your favorite way to take holi (mane)?

In my watermelon smoothie.

You can find the recipe for Jena’s Watermelon Passionfruit Slushy here.

People are having such incredible results with holi (mane). What makes it so effective?

My collagen is not agglomerated. Other brands are processing their collagen with inflammatory oils to make the granule appear larger. Our collagen is dense and concentrated so you’re getting a better quality and higher dose. 

How long did it take you to start seeing results with holi (mane)?

Hair shedding can lessen within two weeks but overall, I’d say it takes three months. I’ve also noticed I don’t have to wash my hair as frequently. 

Do you take any other supplements for your hair?

 I do. I take vitamin K2-D3 and iron from Xymogen. First and foremost, you have to fix the thyroid to have healthy hair. A healthy thyroid begins with optimal vitamin D levels. You also have to ensure you’re getting enough protein and iron. I like Nufyx for protein.  

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

I don’t blow dry my hair myself. In Paris I go to David Mallett so I use their products. In Miami I go to IGK. If I wash and air dry my hair myself, I use a brand called Monday

How often do you wash and style your hair?

I wash it twice a week, or once every five days. 

How often and when do you use holi (locks)?

I use holi (locks) about once or twice a week when I air dry my hair or I apply it to dirty hair the night before a blow dry. It’s important to remember that it’s not a styling serum. It’s a treatment oil. Don’t blow dry with it. It looks amazing on towel dried hair, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. It also looks amazing after you rinse it out and blow dry because it’s so soft and silky. 

How often and when do you use hair (silk) peptides?

I use three drops on wet hair from mid-section to ends before a blow dry and three drops after a blow dry to style the ends. I use half a dropper if I air dry my hair and apply roots to ends. 

Do you use any other styling products aside from hair (silk) peptides?

No, I don’t like styling products because it shortens my blow dry. 

Who cuts your hair?

Only one person is allowed to cut my hair in the world and that’s Kevin Reyna at IGK in Miami. 

Who does your color?

Chase Kusero from IGK has been coloring my base and highlights for nearly 5 years. In Paris I see Arnaud at David Mallett for base and highlights. In LA I see Anthony Lilllio at Salon 450 on Robertson. 

What are your top tips for keeping hair healthy?

Holi (mane), vitamin D, protein, and iron. As well as one more supplement I’m releasing that I can’t talk too much about. 

If I highlight my hair more than once a year it breaks, especially the older I get. 

Use a silk scrunchy. Don’t tie your hair up too much. Don’t use a rubber band on wet hair .

Brush your hair every night with a scalp brush to stimulate growth. I like S scalp brush.

Use holi (locks) a couple nights a week to repair.

Repair and style with hair (silk) peptides. Hair (silk) is so special and different from other hair serums because we didn’t use harsh silicones to formulate and instead of it making your hair great for one day, silk peptides and the oils we chose actually repair your hair over time. 

Sleep with a silk pillowcase.