Why I use pearl powder in holi (mane) and skincare - Antioxidation and life span prolonging affects

Why I use pearl powder in holi (mane) and skincare - Antioxidation and life span prolonging affects

There’s a reason why I put so much time and research into formulating my products. I want to make sure I am providing you guys with the best- science backed high quality ingredients that are really going to make a difference for you and your body. I want you to really see and feel the effects. Therefore, I am endlessly researching the benefits of natural superfood ingredients so I can really provide you guys with a line of products that really work! I truly love what I do, and I am learning more every day.

My holi( mane) is one of my best selling formulas and there’s a reason for that, people are REALLY seeing the difference!

Did you know the protein extracts of pearl powder are a potent antioxidant and therefore prolongs life span in age degeneration? Yes, the science is there to back that up!

Pearl has been a well-known beauty treatment used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and the number of studies done on this truly amazing ingredient are endless, but I really want to highlight the antioxidation and life span prolonging effects this magical ingredient possesses.

When we look at aging, we must understand that oxidative stress is the main issue here so looking for an ingredient to combat this with high antioxidation effects is key here!  When you look at the pearl It is full of proteins, peptides and amino acids that contribute to our body's antioxidant defense system. This has the amazing ability to fight free radicals in the body!  Pearl is also high in trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium and selenium which act as cofactors to antioxidant enzymes which is super important in the antioxidant activity.

A study taken out of the science direct journal states :

“From the present data, the abundant presence of protein content (amino acids and minerals) in pearl powder demonstrated an increased total antioxidant capacity, antioxidant activity, total thiols (SH group) and glutathionecontent with suppressing lipid peroxides products (TBARS). Moreover, the protein extract of pearl powder supplementation can significantly prolong the lifespan of C. elegansowing to antioxidant activity. The results of both in vivo and in-vitro highlight that pearl powder is a potent antioxidant and, in the future, can be employed for treating various age-related degenerative diseases/disorders' '.

I can truly say pearl powder offers such an amazing range of health and beauty benefits, it’s a superfood you don’t want to miss out on!