My favorite treat when I need something sweet. Watermelon Passion Fruit Slushy

This slushy smoothie is so refreshing and relieves my sugar cravings!

Watermelon supports immune health by reducing inflammation because of its abundance of lypocene, an antioxidant that also keeps your heart healthy and vitamin c, which keeps chronic disease at bay and makes the skin gorgeous by boosting collagen and helping to prevent sun damage. Watermelon can prevent kidney stones because of its high level of potassium. It also works as a natural diuretic that improves bloating. Watermelon is made of over 90% water which also relieves bloating and helps to detox the body.  It also enhances muscle recovery and reduces soreness after workouts. It’s an incredible drink for athletes- it improves hydration, increases energy and stabilizes blood levels.

Passion Fruit is high in fiber and antioxidants and it’s a low glycemic fruit, making it great for disgestion.

Mint also improves digestion, IBS, relieves cold symptoms and is filled with anti microbial properties that aid in oral hygiene, an essential component for preventing viruses and colds. Mint enhances brain function, soothes breastfeeding pain and helps reduces PCOS symptoms due to its anti-androgen effects that balance testosterone levels.


5-6 pieces of watermelon
1 fresh passion fruit or a few small cubes of frozen passion fruit
5-6 mint leaves
1 large ice cube
Blend and enjoy!