Talyn Fiore On the Biggest Misconceptions About Manifestation Now

Talyn Fiore On the Biggest Misconceptions About Manifestation Now

Written by Kerry Pieri

When you land on Talyn Fiore’s Instagram it feels like you’re getting advice from your knowledgeable and spiritually wise best friend. She’s somehow familiar but also an expert, counting Reiki master as one of her accolades. But she didn’t come into this work without some trials. “My dad passed away suddenly when I was 18, and that was really traumatic, but I didn't deal with it for years,” she says, “I was two months into college, I kind of just put it in a box and didn't think about it until I got too drunk essentially. And seven years later, I went through a bad breakup, which forced me to finally deal with the grief of my dad. And at that point, I had hit such a rock bottom of just grief and sadness and loneliness that my mom said, ‘You should go to this meditation studio in LA….Just please do anything. And so that was really my first formal connection with spirituality.’

Working as an actor, producer, and screen writer she kept her spirituality in a container and didn’t speak about it even with those closest to her, but her path had begun. “I went to a breathwork class and cried my eyes out. I never emote in public, so to be able to connect in that way felt really, really good. I'm a bit of an extremist, so I started just reading every book I could. I started meditating every day. I started eating healthier, doing yoga, and just really immersed myself in it because it was the only thing that felt okay at the time.” She soon embraced plant medicine, and when the world shut down, especially for working actors, she found herself in Laguna Beach which led to a friendship with a Reiki Master. At the risk of shortening a profound awakening, Talyn soon found herself with an extensive client list and engaged social media following in Ashland Oregon. “It was like the universe started getting really loud,” she says. “I was getting, "You're meant to leave LA. You're supposed to move to Sedona, Arizona." I had never been, which just kind of took me on this eight months of travel through Sedona, Yosemite, and eventually I ended up in Ashland by a crazy turn of events.” Her ability to reach people feels innate, we’ve learned so many valuable manifestation and overall spiritual wellness tips from her, so we had to dive in and learn more about her journey. Below, Talyn explains more how she got to where she is now, the misconceptions about manifestation, and the small changes you can make daily to change your life. 

It's interesting, you really seem to follow where you were being led, whereas sometimes manifestation can feel like people writing their own roadmap and being really steadfast about it. How do you define manifestation in a way that is healthy?

I used to be like that where every new moon, I would write down everything I'd want and I'd put it under my pillow and do all the manifestation techniques that we're taught. And what I've learned this past year is that there's so much more for me than I can possibly comprehend from my limited perspective. And so with that, I now allow myself to be surprised by the universe. For manifesting, I'll pinpoint a feeling that I want, and I will embody that feeling. Whether it's financial freedom, whether it's partnership… whatever it is. And then I'll say, ‘Give me this or something better,’ because I don't want to limit myself. If you could have told me a year ago I'd be living in Ashland Oregon, which I didn't know existed, having a virtual healing business, I would've laughed. I would've been like, what? I'm a producer in LA, what do you mean? And so I just think it's really important to allow enough space for magic to come in, and to realize that sometimes you want the thing because it's like a step to the next thing. It doesn't always mean that it's the end goal. It just can be a piece of this amazing puzzle in this journey that you're on.

I love that. Manifestation has been such a buzzword, what do you think are the misconceptions about it?

It is such a buzzword. I feel like I have an interesting theory about manifestation. So I always wonder, ‘am I, Talyn, in this moment manifesting something or am I actually just tuning into the frequency of the thing that already exists?’ Because I think ‘manifestation’ requires a lot of work. And then anything that we're doing because we feel like we have to, we're putting resistance around it, and it actually blocks the thing from coming.

For example, I like to think I have this desire to publish a book. That's not me manifesting it. It already exists in the future, and I’m just getting a ping that it's coming. All I have to do is write the book and open up to it. To me, that feels much easier and less stressful because it already exists, and maybe it won't manifest exactly as you think it will in this moment, but something about that desire has been placed in your head for a reason.

What do you think in the culture has really brought this word, manifestation, to the forefront? Is it that we feel like we need to try to control our futures? Are people more into healing? What do you think brought us here?

I think it's a mixture of things. I definitely think Covid had a really big impact on the spiritual community because people had a lot more time to sit with themselves to realize how unhappy they were. TikTok was on the rise at that point too, and there's a lot of spiritual people on the app. And so people started learning more about the law of attraction and manifestation and Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks. I think that people were just seeking it because they had more time to seek. But also there was more space to realize how much they didn't like their life because they stopped being stimulated.

So it's like, oh wow, when I'm just sitting with myself, I'm not very happy. How can I fix this? So I think that that was a huge part of it, and I think that with manifestation in general, people get so hung up on external things and money and material things and fancy titles that manifestation feeds into that part of the ego that wants more, more, more to be fulfilled. So I think manifestation is great. I'm a huge believer in manifestation, but I'm always saying make sure that you're doing the actual work to be fulfilled without the thing you're trying to manifest. Because if you don't fill the void inside, you're going to get the car, but you're still going to feel the void.

If you had to give one sentence or phrase on the secret to manifesting, what would it be?

Become the frequency of the thing while you have no evidence of having the thing.

One of the posts that you did was around doing nervous system work and using somatics to calm yourself. How does that feed into creating that frequency?

Central nervous system work is so important because the majority of humans are living in fight or flight every single day. That creates such a disharmony physically and energetically in your body. It creates an unstable foundation for your dream to manifest in your life. For your dream, your purpose to manifest, there has to be a solid foundation of stability and a sense of knowing who you are in order to call it into your life. So central nervous system work is so, so important because the more that you can calm your vagal nervous system, you can get yourself out of fight or flight. And by doing that, you then energetically feel safe to be in your body and in your environment. And feeling safe is the foundation of all manifestation work. You need to feel like you're inherently safe in your own body to pull something into your reality.

Tell us a little bit about the shiny carrot theory that you spoke about as well.

I love the shiny carrot. This is a theory from Lacey Phillips who founded To Be Magnetic. When you get really clear on what you want, sometimes a shiny carrot is going to come in to tempt you to see, ‘do you actually think you're worthy of what you want, or will you settle for something less if it shows up’ Because if you write a manifestation of, this is the job I want, these are my hard yeses, my hard nos, and then a job comes in that's really close, but there are some big things missing, that's called the shiny carrot. It can also come in a relationship where you get really clear on the person you want, and then this person that comes in, maybe they don't want kids, and that's a big thing for you, but they have everything else. And it's a shiny carrot because it's tempting. And Lacey Phillips talks a lot about tests, which I don't really love the word test just because it has such a negative connotation, like you can fail. I see it as opportunities to put your money where your mouth is. Do you actually think that you are worthy of the list that you created, of the thing you want in its totality? Or will you settle for less? Most peopl,  when push comes to shove, settle for less. Because when they're actually shown, do you think you're really worth it? They don't actually. And so when you take a shiny carrot, it's not that you failed something, it just shows you that you have more work to do on actually feeling worthy of the thing you want. Because if you take the shiny carrot, that means that you don't feel fully worthy yet.

You speak about the different small things for people to do throughout the day, like brushing your teeth with their non-dominant hand. Will you pinpoint a few of those and explain overall why these small habit changes can really change your life?

I do tell people to brush their teeth with their left hand (if they’re right handed) and to look into the mirror and say, "I love you." That is because when you're doing something out of the norm, it helps to rewire your subconscious because it's firing new neural pathways because you're doing something that's not habitual. So when you're looking in the mirror and saying, "I love you," you are getting that self-assurance from yourself, internal validation instead of external. And self-love is such a huge part of general happiness and also manifestation. 

Are there any other tips and tricks people should integrate?

Dry bathing is huge, I do it every day, which helps get other people's energy off you. Energy is so contagious, and so to constantly be regulating your own energy is important. I also love the whisper prayer. At night, you say, "Thank you for showing me the issue is already solved" three times, and this is showing complete faith in God, the universe, whatever you subscribe to or believe in, that it has taken care of what you're worried about. You don't have to name the issue because you believe that this higher energy already knows what the issue is. And that is just a huge way to strengthen your trust muscle. There's so many tips and tricks. You can record affirmations in your own voice on an app called Think Up, and you can play them behind your Spotify music, so you can literally be reprogramming your subconscious.

What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when they first begin on this journey?

I would say thinking something's going to happen overnight. You can change anything in one second, but lasting change requires realizing it's a marathon and not a sprint. I also think not getting discouraged is important. A lot of people will begin a spiritual practice and things start going really well, and then if anything goes in a direction that they would perceive as not well, they blame themselves and believe they’ve done something wrong. People get really hung up on blaming themselves or criticizing themselves if they're not fixed immediately, or if they didn't manifest a car after one manifestation meditation. It’s just about having more grace and trying to enjoy the journey of it, just remembering it's about the joy.  Everything is valuable, the good and the bad, not just the good.

And how can people work with you?

I do one-on-one containers with people that want to really shift their lives. The minimum I do is three weeks. You need at least three weeks together to make any type of dent. Then I also do a lot of Reiki trainings to empower people to heal themselves. And I have a membership if you're wanting to be involved in the energy, but the container's maybe too big of a financial investment. All my digital products are available in my membership, as well as weekly journal prompts and monthly group healings. Then I obviously just give a ton of free content out on my socia to try to just help people as much as I can. And I am going to be publishing a poetry book and photography book later this year.