Episode 115: Ayla El-Moussa on Jena Covello’s Truest Self and Why You Can’t Judge Everything You See Online

Episode 115: Ayla El-Moussa on Jena Covello’s Truest Self and Why You Can’t Judge Everything You See Online

Ayla El-Moussa is one of my dearest friends. Much like me, she is someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, so our conversations tend to be thought-provoking, challenging, and enlightening. Over the years, this dynamic has created a very strong bond, and I can say in certainty that she has seen the core of who I am.

In this episode of Nateurious, we’re doing things a little differently. This time around, my guest is the interviewer and I’m the interviewee. Thanks to Ayla’s insightful prompts and questions asked by Nateuriouslisteners, I was given the opportunity to share more about my life before Agent Nateur. We talk about other jobs I’ve worked, how I paid off my debt (twice), and how I manifested my way to success.

One reason I wanted to record this episode was to address the charged energy behind my social media presence. It’s no secret that I am often perceived as aggressive online, but this isn’t a true reflection of who I am in my private life. While my opinions remain the same behind closed doors, my demeanor changes dramatically when I’m around my coworkers and loved ones. When I’m surrounded by people I know I can trust, I’m able to let down my guard and embrace my feminine energy.

Tune in to learn the formative events that have directly shaped the way I present online, the forces that have driven in my life, and why I decided to start a podcast in the first place. In all that I do, my ultimate goal is to learn, share, and inspire. I hope this episode shows you another side of who I am and encourages you to trust yourself, do your own research, and make a unique impact on the world.


  • My 17+ year struggle with Endometriosis.
  • The powerful role of functional medicine in my life.
  • How my dad planted the seeds for Agent Nateur when I was a little girl.
  • The viewpoints I share that receive the most backlash.
  • Why I don’t like the term “climate change”.
  • The top four things that have helped me heal.
  • Self-care practices for physical and emotional health.
  • The failures in my life that I don’t consider failures at all.
  • My biggest tip for paying off credit card debt.
  • How I use my energy to make money.
  • My #1 role model as a child.


Ayla’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/ayla.elmoussa 


Angela Setter’s on Nateurious: https://www.agentnateur.com/blogs/nateurious/nateurious-episode-107-credit-pioneer-angela-setters-on-improving-your-credit-score-in-a-time-of-economic-unknowns

Esther and Abraham-Hicks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esther_Hicks

Neville Goddard: https://www.neville-goddard.org/

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne: https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Rhonda-Byrne-ebook/dp/B002M5E2DW


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