Episode 107: Credit Pioneer Angela Setters on Improving Your Credit Score in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

Episode 107: Credit Pioneer Angela Setters on Improving Your Credit Score in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to someone who has changed my life for the better: Angela Setters, the founder and CEO of Conquer Credit Management. In many circles, Angela is referred to as “The Real Credit Queen” because she’s dedicated the past 30 years of her life to demystifying the credit system. It’s her mission to share all she’s learned in order to serve others and guide them along the journey to excellent credit.

When I began Agent Nateur, I invested just $300 and had a below-average credit score. Today, with the help of Angela, my credit score is almost perfect. If I can make this transformation, I believe anyone can. I’m certain that we all have the power to improve our credit and make this system work in our favor, even in the midst of the current economic crisis.

My timely conversation with Angela pulls back the curtain on the credit system. You’ll learn what credit is, what credit scores are used for, and the ways a good credit score will make your life easier. Along with these fundamentals, Angela also offers advice for those whose incomes have been impacted by recent events. Whether you’re on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, considering loan forbearance, or making a big investment, this episode of Nateurious offers insight into your unique situation with strategic next steps.

No matter where your credit score stands today, there was never a better time to harness your full potential. Listen, take notes, and embrace new habits in how you use your credit cards and make payments. Trust me on this… With The Real Credit Queen as your guru, you’ll be on the fast track to a better credit score and financial freedom.

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  • The importance of having good credit, even now
  • The three major credit bureaus and their relationship with financial institutions
  • The three different types of credit scoring systems
  • The importance of revolving credit
  • Reasons to maintain a separate credit identity from your spouse
  • The dangers of co-signing and what to do instead
  • Whether now is a good time to invest in the stock market
  • The amount of money you can save by improving your credit score
  • One of the biggest credit mistakes people with businesses make
  • Five tips for building your credit right now

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FICO: A credit score founded by the Fair Isaac Corporation. Commonly used by lenders to assess credit risk.

Experian: One of the major credit bureaus. Uses FICO to assess credit risk.

TransUnion: One of the major credit bureaus. Uses its own system, Empirca, to assess credit risk.

Equifax: One of the major credit bureaus. Uses its own system, Beacon (Pinnacle), to assess credit risk.

Middle Credit Score: The score that falls in the middle when scores from all three credit bureaus are pulled. This score is commonly used to assess risk from mortgage lenders.

Deferment: The pausing of loan payments. Available for loans including mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, and personal loans.

SBA Loans: Business loans that are guaranteed by the SBA and participating lenders.


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