Episode 118: Rick Allen On The Importance Of Water Filtration In The Entire Home And What You Can Do To Improve Your Health

Episode 118: Rick Allen On The Importance Of Water Filtration In The Entire Home And What You Can Do To Improve Your Health


In 2017, I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning and lead levels that were off the chart. My doctor informed me that it was due to the poor water quality in West Hollywood and I was put on a chelation protocol (EDTA and DMSA) that caused me to lose all sense of taste for over three months. It was absolutely horrific. As I researched what I was going through, headlines on Google only talked about the lead contamination in Flint, MI. Then, on the third page, I found an Los Angeles Times article reporting that lead levels in California’s water system were higher than Flint. Why wasn’t this making mainstream media headlines? I began bringing much needed awareness to this on social media and made some major life changes to protect myself from the water problem in my city.

This traumatic experience is what first introduced me to today’s guest, Rick Allen. Rick is the CEO of Pure Elements, a water filtration company that removes harmful chemicals and carcinogens from tap water. After Pure Elements installed a water filtration system at my home in LA, I noticed a dramatic difference in the way my body, skin, and hair felt. Not only that, I could take a hot shower or bath without worrying about the harmful chemicals my body was absorbing from the steam and enjoy a glass of water, knowing it was fluoride-free.

The story of how fluoride became added to the drinking water in the United States is shocking. Even more outrageous, though we now know the dangers of fluoridated water (osteoporosis, cancer, bone lesions, etc.), there is still little that can be done to stop the lobbying that forces municipalities to put untested fluoride in their community’s water.

This is why it’s so important that we take our health into our own hands and work with someone we trust to filter all of the water coming into our homes, not just our drinking water. In this inspiring episode of Nateurious, Rick shares the ugly truth about our nation’s tap water and offers valuable tips on how to find the best filtration system for your lifestyle and budget. 


  • Rick’s extensive experience in the water filtration industry
  • Jena’s story of being diagnosed with lead poisoning and her painful experience with chelation
  • How a government decision contaminated Flint’s drinking water
  • Why we use chloramines to filter drinking water and the issues they are causing in old plumbing
  • Why installing a water filtration system at home can improve your skin
  • The dangerous misconceptions around fluoride improving dental health
  • What to look for in a high-quality toothpaste
  • The negative side effects of consuming too much fluoride, for both humans and animals
  • Why showering in unfiltered water may be even more dangerous than drinking it
  • Rick’s thoughts on the quality of the Berkey water filter
  • Why high-alkaline water is such a fad and the ideal pH for drinking water
  • Erin Brockovich, chromium 6, and the lenient regulations set by the EPA
  • The #1 thing to look for in a shower filter
  • The top three things to look for in any water filter
  • Why water softeners that use salt are damaging the environment 
  • Several methods (other than chlorine) for disinfecting pools
  • Where to go to find a water filtration system for your home


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