Episode 114: Dr. Gerry Smith On Integrating Natural And Conventional Medicine To Prioritize Patient Health Over Ego

Episode 114: Dr. Gerry Smith On Integrating Natural And Conventional Medicine To Prioritize Patient Health Over Ego


 Dr. Gerald H. Smith is a brilliant integrative natural medicine doctor who specializes in dentistry, chronic pain, specifically head, neck, and facial pain. As a certified dental practitioner with years of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine, Dr. Gerry uses his understanding of both Western and holistic medicine to help his patients identify the root cause of their health issues and heal.

To say this man has been an inspiration in my life is an understatement. He’s a friend of my father’s and I grew up attending his medical conferences and learning his effective, soulful approach to medical care. I personally witnessed patients in Gerry's audience who had healed from chronic illness once he removed their root canals. In a modern world full of doctors who prioritize money and endorsements over quality of care, Dr. Gerry believes that there’s no room for ego in his profession. His #1 priority is always the wellbeing of his patients, and it shows.

In this captivating episode of Nateurious, Dr. Gerry tells us about his integrative approach to medicine, the importance of spirituality in healthcare, and the fundamentals of holistic healing. He shares his knowledge on how root canals and metal fillings can negatively impact our entire bodies, why we should be getting our vitamins and nutrients from real foods, and how toxic chemicals in vaccinations and the environment wreak havoc on our bodies.

As a practitioner who employs alternative methods, it’s no surprise that Dr. Gerry has received some backlash — but he stands firm in his truth, knowing that his approach to healing is making a difference in the lives of his patients. His conviction to do what’s right is something I admire so deeply, and I can’t wait to share his insight with you. 


  • Why Dr. Gerry converted from Western to integrative medicine
  • An unexpected method for treating kidney stones
  • How to prevent the toxic effects of root cancels
  • The root cause of cancer and how to stay healthy
  • The healthiest way to remove mercury fillings
  • Connecting energetically with food and supplements
  • Where to get the cleanest wine
  • The origins of the phrase “conspiracy theorist”
  • Inspiring healing stories from Dr. Gerry’s patients (see full PDF below)
  • The truth about fluoride
  • A revolutionary treatment for migraines
  • Tips for overcoming criticism


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