Episode 119: Dr. Ana-Maria Temple On Holistic Health For Kids and Boosting Immunity Through Proper Nutrition

Episode 119: Dr. Ana-Maria Temple On Holistic Health For Kids and Boosting Immunity Through Proper Nutrition

In the midst of confusion about COVID, immunity, and children’s health, it’s time to get serious about raising kids who understand the importance of nutrition and eating clean foods. If you’ve been a long-time listener, you know that a proper diet is the foundation for holistic health and our first defense against disease, but how can we teach children to choose veggies over sugar? Holistic pediatrician, Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, is here to answer just that. 

Through her experience as a doctor and mother, Dr. Ana-Maria has developed inspiring strategies to encourage healthy eating habits in children. After years of feeling pressured to let her kids like garbage, she could no longer deny that their diets were causing issues like asthma, eczema, and ADHD. By serving fruits and veggies at every meal, saying no to sugary drinks, and only purchasing foods with five ingredients or less on the package, Dr. Ana-Maria was able to revolutionize the nutrition in her home and improve her family’s quality of life.

This conversation is more relevant now than ever as many mothers express grave concern about COVID-19 and how it could affect their families. Fortunately, Dr. Ana-Maria has good news. She doesn’t see COVID as a threat to children and has the data to back it up. So rather than falling victim to fear, now is the opportunity to focus on immunity. It’s time to take care of ourselves and improve our children’s nutrition so we can easily recover when we encounter illnesses like COVID, the flu, and other viruses. 

Tune in to find out how you can encourage healthy eating habits at home, learn ways to boost your health during and after pregnancy, and get a better understanding of COVID-19 and why you don’t need to panic if your little one gets sick.


  • The impact of COVID on children based on statistics
  • The nature of viruses and the hype surrounding COVID
  • The populations that are the most at risk for hospitalization
  • Typical symptoms of COVID in children
  • Herd immunity, antibodies, and the negative impact of stay-at-home orders
  • Dr. Ana-Maria’s experience with poor nutrition at home
  • The detrimental effects of the chemicals in our food
  • Effective methods for encouraging children to eat healthy foods
  • Strategies for introducing healthy foods gradually and easily
  • The powerful shift that occurs in your taste buds every 30 days
  • How reducing stress and spending time with the family will make you look younger
  • Certain foods that cause inflammation and create skin redness and blemishes
  • Dr. Ana-Maria’s go-to healthy breakfast for the entire family
  • Tips for selecting packaged foods with nutritional value
  • The top 3 supplements for building immunity
  • One place you should NEVER buy supplements
  • The reason new moms often lose hair and supplements that boost hair growth
  • The connection between c-sections and autoimmune issues in kids
  • Why it’s so important for babies to have breast milk
  • The best formula for moms who aren’t able to breastfeed


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