Supplements for Overindulging In Holiday Food. We've Got You Covered.

Supplements for Overindulging In Holiday Food. We've Got You Covered.

The aftermath of overindulging in a holiday meal can wreak havoc on your body, leaving you feeling sick, bloated and lethargic. The liver can become overburdened, processing all of the high fat food and alcohol. Eating too much refined sugar can spike your blood sugar levels and overeating can cause digestive issues such as gas, bloating and indigestion. Not to mention refined sugar and alcohol deplete crucial vitamins and minerals from your body. Supporting the liver, digestive system and blood sugar levels as well as replenishing vitamins and minerals can make all the difference in how you feel after a big holiday meal.

Consider some of these supplements and tips to assist your body during the holiday season.

Liver Support

Barley Grass Juice PowderThe nutrient dense powder contains enzymes which help with the breakdown of fats in the body. It’s also high in chlorophyll which helps to balance the body’s PH, which can become quite acidic after overindulging in a holiday meal. It’s a powerful nutrient for detoxifying the liver and is excellent for assisting with circulation of the lymphatic system. Some added benefits include, strengthened immunity, increased energy, aids in digestion, relieves constipation and improves the health of hair skin and nails.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is packed with antioxidants. It helps the body to digest proteins and fats and regulates blood sugar. Turmeric also helps to improve liver function and assists with circulation.

Milk Thistle: This liver supporting herb rejuvenates the liver and helps to lift it out of stagnation. It removes toxins, improves bile production and helps to cleanse bile pathways.

Glutathione: The small protein assists the liver with over 2,000 chemical functions. It’s involved in the body’s natural detoxification process and acts as a medicine for the liver, supporting every single liver cell and its function.

Lemon Water: Lemon water is an incredible tonic to cleanse and detoxify the entire body. It loosens and disperses fat cells, alkalizes and deeply hydrates the body. It also improves hydrochloric acid production and bile production and is especially beneficial for flushing toxins from the liver.

Digestive Support

GlutAoeMine One of my favorite supplements to take after indulging in an unhealthy meal that’s hard on the gut. This supplement is miraculous. It enhances digestive support by healing leaky gut, inflammation and constipation. If there’s one product on this list to buy, it’s definitely this. Dr Will Cole gave me a code to share with you, I’m not an affiliate and I don’t make any money off of recommending this product but I do wholeheartedly believe in it. It soothes my tummy within minutes of consuming it.

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Digest gold is a potent digestive enzyme blend that helps with uncomfortable digestive issues. Take one capsule before meals to help digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber.

Digestive Tea: Have a cup of digestive tea after your meal to assist with digestion. Pukka’s After Dinner tea is a blend of organic roasted chicory root, aniseed, fennel seed, licorice root, cardamom, orange peel and ginger and it tastes delicious.

Ginger Tea: Ginger is a great remedy for an upset stomach, gas, nausea and irritable bowel syndrome. It improves bile production as well as the stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid. Some of the phytochemical compounds present in ginger help to expel ammonia and rotting, putrefying food and toxins from the small intestine and colon. It’s also helpful for a sluggish and stagnant liver.  

Fennel Tea: Fennel is excellent for indigestion and can be used as an antacid to help reduce acidity and inflammation in the digestive tract. It’s an anti-flatulent and can prevent the formation of gas in the stomach and intestines. It’s also helpful for bloating, constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.

Peppermint Tea: Peppermint improves hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach to help with digestion. It also calms intestinal nerves and spasms and cleanses the liver.

Blood Sugar Support

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid can help the body deal with a sugar rush by boosting insulin sensitivity. It also provides liver support by protecting liver cells from toxins and helps detoxify the liver at the same time. 

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar levels and contains the most antioxidants of any food source. It’s also great for reducing inflammation in the body. Make sure to use Ceylon cinnamon

Magnesium: Magnesium helps regulate blood sugar sensitivity. Because excess sugar intake depletes magnesium levels, supplementing with magnesium can be very helpful in stabilizing blood sugar. 

Replenish Nutrients

Both refined sugar and alcohol deplete the body of vitamins and minerals. Replenishing the body with a multivitamin and some ionic liquid minerals is key after indulging in sugar and or alcohol.

Spirulina is a great way to replenish nutrients. As nature’s multivitamin and mineral, spirulina is packed with nutrition and has the added benefit of alkalizing and detoxifying the body. It also helps to stabilize glucose levels in the blood.


Take a walk. The ancient science of Ayurveda recommends 1,000 steps after a meal to improve digestion. Exercise also burns up fat calories and improves circulation, bringing more oxygen into the blood and driving it into the liver, improving liver function.

Lower your fat intake. Fat is very hard on the liver and going low fat or fat free for a few days will give your liver a break from processing high fat holiday meals and alcohol.

Eat plenty of leafy greens and fruits to help cleanse and hydrate your body.

Bypass refined sugar’s damaging effects by substituting coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey or dates in recipes that call for cane sugar.