My morning chakra ritual

My morning chakra ritual

My morning routine is one of the most beautiful and important parts of my day. A big part of this is working on my spiritual health and also working with my chakras in a meditative way.

Finding the right meditation for me has been a bit of a journey. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach and I have tried many different types of meditation over the years. You can head to my other Agent blog here to read about what type of meditation might be right for you.

Throughout the years there have only been two meditations I practice and I vacillate between the two. For me, it’s either the OM meditation where I chant the word aloud for a minimum of 15 minutes or it’s transcendental meditation which is what I’ve been called to lately.

On top of those two types of meditation, working with my chakras has been something that I have really felt drawn to over the last few weeks and months, particularly since being introduced to a new daily regime by my friend Nasiba. You can read my recent blog out my new daily routine here

This is how I work with my chakras each morning

Every morning when I wake, after setting my space, I focus on entering into a relaxed and calm state where my nervous system is safe and regulated before the stress of the day starts.

Once I’m relaxed and ready, I then spend some time breathing into my body and connecting with it. This is known as embodiment and by doing this, I can work out where I feel pain in my body that day and help to nurture and nourish any chakras that need additional support.

When I feel pain anywhere in my body, I breathe deeply into that chakra that is closest to the pain and most likely related to it. When I do this, I imagine the color of the chakra and imagine the chakra opening up and balancing, deeply bathed in color, as it should be. I imagine it being balanced and flourishing, rather than overactive or underactive.

Here’s a reminder of the colors of the chakras and where you can find them on your body:

  1. Root chakra - base of the spine - red
  2. Sacral chakra - lower abdomen / about 2 inches below your belly button  - orange
  3. Solar plexus - upper abdomen / stomach - yellow
  4. Heart - center of your chest, around / just above your heart - green
  5. Throat - light blue / turquoise T
  6. Third eye - found between the eyes / eyebrows - dark blue / purple
  7. Crown - the very top of your head / skull - violet / white

Once I have breathed into any pain in my body, every day I also then take time every day to focus and breathe into my heart chakra to ensure that I can accept and receive love and show up every day with love in this world.

The heart chakra is green (which is why being outside in nature is so important for our healing and wellbeing). As well as focusing on balancing and nourishing my own heart chakra, it’s really beautiful to also understand that you can picture green light emanating out from your heart and into the heart of someone else - someone you love and someone that needs your help, support and guidance, or even someone that doesn’t like you and that you want to repair your relationship with.

You can also do the same thing with the crown chakra and connect to someone else if you want to share a message with them! Focus on warming up your own crown chakra by envisaging and imagining a beautiful strong purple light coming out the crown of your head, and once you have filled up your own chakra and connecting you to something bigger, outside of your body, you can then imagine this purple colored light traveling out of you and into someone else’s crown chakra -wherever they are in the world. Remember, just like remote healing, you don’t have to be close for it to work.

I hope that you can incorporate some sort of beautiful and calm chakra-related regime into your mornings. It’s a beautiful way to start your day, particularly if you are experiencing pain in any part of your mental, emotional or physical body.

Jena x