What I practice every morning to feel good for the day

What I practice every morning to feel good for the day

Hi friends,

I’m writing to you today from Antibes in the South of France, a place of the most beautiful and magical healing, feminine energy that has really helped me to ground and calm my nervous system. I love being in Europe and this place is really special to me.

While I’ve been here, I’ve been implementing a new daily​​ routine that has been so revolutionary for me and has made me feel so incredibly grateful. I have learned this regime from my friend Nasiba (you can find her on Instagram here) and she has reminded me what to practice every single day to truly feel good and connected with my body.

We are living in such stressful times at the moment and so I wanted to share this with you in case it may help you too. I truly am seeing the differences already, and aches and pains in my body have actually stopped. 

For many years I've taken such good care of my health by eating clean, taking supplements, working with functional doctors and healers, but I was still in pain from the endometriosis and adenomyosis and couldn't quite understand why. I came to the realization that the positive thoughts I have towards my career and business needed to be applied to my personal relationship and what I expected to get out of it. Past trauma, childhood hurts and old relationships can influence the way we see the present and future. This can affect the physical health. Sometimes I expected the worst in certain areas of my life just so I wouldn't feel disappointed or let down. This created such huge blockages for me! I would never wake up in the morning and expect the worst in a business deal, why would I do this in my personal life? I began expecting the best. I began writing down exactly what I wanted and imagining my personal relationship how I wanted it to be. I also started to only focus on all I loved about it, instead of looking for faults.

I’m trying hard to remain in a bubble, work hard and focus on my happiness - and these tips are such a good place to start. I also began working with a special healer in Norway named Ellen, who told me that every single time that I feel anxious, to BREATHE. Bring everything back to the breath. I am meditating multiple times a day and have been drawn back to transcendental meditation.

I hope these tips help you as much as they've helped me.

Jena’s Daily Regime 

  1. No wifi after 8pm - reduce EMFs whilst you sleep (this one I break, yikes!)

    2. In bed by 10pm - a good sleep routine is critical

    3. Rise with the sun - wake up at 5.30am every day (yes, this is early but this helps to align our circadian rhythms to the way nature intended)

    4. Set your space - upon waking, light palo santo and incense in the room. Make your bed. Relax and breathe into your body. Spend some time going through each chakra. When you get to your heart chakra, imagine a green / emerald colored light and picture everyone that you love and that you're grateful for.

These can be people you work with, colleagues, family members, friends. Whoever. Picture them and send them love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and whatever they need. Picture this energy radiating from your heart to theirs If you have people that you are not getting on well with, or that you are in a disagreement with or who don't like you - you can send love, compassion, and forgiveness to those people too.

Once this is done, open your eyes, say a prayer - focusing on what you want your intention to be for the day. Think about how you want to live that day? For me, I want to live my day from my heart, leading with heart, compassion, and kindness.   

  1. Time to journal - what do I feel today upon waking? How do I want my day to go? Think of anything challenging or difficult ahead and ask why did the Universe give me this challenge? How can I choose to react to this challenge? I write down exactly what I want to manifest for the day. Lately I've been writing about my personal relationships and what I expected and wanted from them. We all have areas in our life where we have confidence- and areas where we are insecure. I am very confident in my work and I always expect the best. I realized how I was expecting the worst in other areas in life to not feel hurt or disappointed. I believe this was causing physical pain in my body. Once I began expecting and imagining the best in all areas of my life, some of my aches and pains have completely gone away. This is HUGE for me. I felt I had to share it with you.

    6. Dream tracking - Write down your dreams and what you want to manifest throughout the day, year, and month. Do this every day without fail so you can see, over time, how much has come true.
  1. Bathe - Take a shower, preferably with salt on head to cleanse. Brush your teeth, floss & use a tongue scraper.

    8. Connect with your body - lather your body in oil. Connect with your body and tell every body part how grateful you are for it. You can apologize to each part that you have ever criticized, judged, or talked badly to. Give each body part love, as it deserves. 
  1. Appreciate your body - Now stand in front of the mirror naked and look at your body with compassion and love. Apologize for ever talking down to it or judging it. Just look at yourself top to bottom, every part of you, with compassion. Tears and an emotional release might come here. If it does, let it. Never hold back tears.

    10. Pranamaya breathing - focus on doing a couple of pranamaya breaths, also known as breath of fire. Inhale until your lungs reach capacity - and hold your breath at capacity for a second, then exhale slowly but forcibly throughout both of your nostrils. It should sound like a rush of air and you should be able to hear it.
  1. Throughout the day - focus on eating healthily. Work to cut down on meat intake.

    12. Remove all synthetic fragrances - including perfumes and laundry detergent.

    13. At nighttime, always sleep with your phone on airplane mode to cut down EMF exposure.

    14. More phone hygiene! Also. keep your phone on airplane mode for most of the day.

    15. As the day comes to a close, start to wind down. Go for a walk or set some time aside to read a book. Get in nature! Jump in cold water. Earth. Ground yourself. I keep myself informed with everything that is happening in the world but being in nature is what balances it out.

    16. Incorporate salt foot baths five times a week into this regime.