My Intentions For 2021: Being Happy and Feeling Good

My Intentions For 2021: Being Happy and Feeling Good

Needless to say, 2020 was a roller coaster of emotions for all of us. I know I’m not alone when I say that the end of the year crept up on me — January seemed to come out of nowhere. I didn’t have a chance to reflect on the coming year before we rang in 2021, so I’m still working on my goals for the year. Fortunately, it’s never too late when it comes to manifesting.

Instead of following the typical tradition of New Years resolutions, I like to think of my goals as intentions. Resolutions often include specific practices or habits, making them somewhat restrictive. Intentions leave more room for exploration and intuition, which is so important when it comes to accomplishing goals. So rather than setting a resolution to go to the gym five times a week, I manifest a feeling of happiness in the way my body looks and feels, which inspires me to exercise more often. (Read more on this below.)

This definitely isn’t the first time I’ve talked about goal planning. You might remember the story of how I began Agent Nateur on Nateurious in this episode with my good friend Ayla El-Moussa. For those of you who missed it, here’s a little recap: Ever since I was four years old, I’ve been a daydreamer. But I don’t daydream about just anything… I envision myself achieving my goals. When I was a little girl, I would always imagine myself living a life of freedom, success, and safety and I truly believed that this future was possible for me. My imagination was the only thing I had to get me through the hardest times in my life. And while I don't expect everyone to relate to this, I do know that this information is beneficial to some.

I began channeling my energy into creating vision boards, intention setting, and journaling. Since I established this ritual, I’ve been able to witness my visions for the future come to fruition, leaving no doubt in my mind that this practice has contributed to my success and contentment. Abraham and Esther Hicks, Tony Robbins, The Secret, Kabbalah, the documentary HEAL and Louise Hay were all on my radar when I moved to LA and set out to carve my own path. I wasn't like most of the young entrepreneurs in LA at the time. All I had was my imagination, work ethic, vision and belief system. I needed those outlets to encourage me to not give up and to push through. I'd often watch The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith when nothing was working out in my favor.

Since I’m often asked about my work practice, I wanted to share some tips on how to set intentions and visualize goals for the new year. Keep in mind that what works for me may not be best for you, so be sure to follow your intuition throughout the process in order to create a vision plan that is true to who you are.


A Simple How-To:

  1. Start with a blank notebook and choose a title that represents the sentiments behind your intentions. I went with something simple this year and labelled mine GOALS 2021, but you may feel inspired to be more specific with a title like Work in 2021 or Love in 2021. 

  2. Next, you’ll start visualizing your goals for the year. Start by writing down your top priority, followed by other things you’d like to achieve. Typically, the top items on my list are work related, but this year is a little different. My #1 goal for 2021 is to be happy and feel good. I followed this intention with personal and professional goals that will support it such as dream work accounts, income goals, happy periods, and trips I’d love to take later in the year.

  3. You may choose to include images in your notebook. Be sure to only incorporate visuals that stir up positive feelings within you.

  4. After setting your intentions, revisit your notebook every three months or so to check in on how your intentions are becoming reality and meditate on your goals. If you feel inspired, add more intentions and goals throughout the year.


Financial Goals. 

In 2009, my friend Kim Vanderbeek shared a tip with me that I will never forget. I was really struggling financially at the time, and she said that instead of writing down how much money I made per month and then breaking down all of my expenses to fit within that budget, I should write down the dream amount I wanted to make monthly. This dream number was the amount I needed for adequate spending money, a new apartment, bill payments, self-care expenses, doctor visits, car payments, etc. Not only was this exercise a ton of fun, it created room for opportunities to present themselves. Rather than confining myself within the reality of my present income, I opened my imagination to what was possible and ignited a fire within myself to dream big, work hard, and achieve more. I still practice this tip… and even though in the beginning it wasn’t always easy, I maintained my focus and eventually brought my dream to life.

Fitness Goals. 

An important part of intentions is realistic goal setting. As I said before, what works for one person may not work for you, so be sure to consider your own personal needs when getting more specific with your intentions. For example, I work out about five times a week because it makes my period cycles easier, which is the difference between me being bed ridden and depressed or high functioning and happy. I established this goal in September, and I truly believe that my intention of feeling good, rather than looking good, has made my workout regimen easier to maintain. 

Finding a realistic workout schedule has also made all the difference for me. I prefer to be active in the morning, and am flexible on what type of exercise I do each day — I let my body inform the workout. Some days my body wants cat/cow stretches and a walk, other days I have the energy to climb stairs (my personal favorite) or hit the gym. This method makes it easier for me to find the motivation to exercise regularly, and I don’t dread my workouts. 

Nutritional Goals. 

Intuition is also crucial when it comes to setting goals for nutrition. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the fad diets and Instagram posts about which foods I should and shouldn’t eat. This year, I am choosing to listen to my body and eat the foods that serve me. To do this, I’m slowing down when I eat, properly chewing my food, and taking an inventory on how different foods make me feel. If something triggers an inflammatory response, I avoid it. I am currently following the low FODMAP plan which isn't so restrictive, helps with pain management and makes me less bloated.

For anyone having difficulty pinpointing where their discomfort comes from, it may be helpful to test foods individually. For example, first eat egg whites on their own and explore how you feel. Do you experience pain? Burning? Indigestion? Constipation? If not, try adding yolks the next day. Then, on the third day, add some toast. This process of elimination will help you better understand your body so you can make dietary choices based on your unique biological makeup. 

Taking supplements regularly may also help you improve your health. If you find all the supplement options overwhelming, talk to a healthcare provider about which ones might be right for you and stick to a routine. To support my immune system, protect my thyroid, and strengthen my hair, skin, and nails, I take magnesium every night and vitamin D and holi (mane) every morning. I speak from experience when I say that consistency is key when it comes to supplements — It’s when I stick to my schedule that I see the most improvement.

Relationship Goals. 

Whether you’re looking to create a romantic or platonic relationship, be sure to reflect on lessons from the past when making goals for your future. I believe that the universe tests us to make sure we’re ready for the relationships we dream about. In my own life, loneliness always tempts me to settle for less than I deserve, but it’s like the old saying, “When you settle for less, you get less than you settled for.” 

Whether your intention is to build a community of amazing friends or find a healthy, respectful relationship, it’s up to you to say NO to any opportunities that don’t align with your vision. To do this, you must be very clear on what you want and what behaviors you won’t tolerate. These bottom lines make it easier to create space for the right people to enter your life. If you have friends in your life who you have to walk on eggshells around, who you feel judged by or who don't allow you to fully embrace who you are, it might be wise to consider creating some distance and aligning yourself with like minded people. Trust how you feel around your tribe. If they don't make you feel good, or if you leave their company feeling depleted and sad, why keep them around?

Internal Peace Goals. 

This has been a hard, divisive time for almost everyone on the planet, and focusing on internal peace is more important than ever, which often requires forgiveness. Keep in mind, forgiveness doesn’t always mean allowing someone back into your life after they’ve hurt you. In many cases, it requires setting a firm boundary, but rather than harboring bitterness and resentment, work hard to foster a sense of love and peace inside your heart. 

Remember that when someone hurts us, it’s not always personal. More often, these actions represent the way a person feels about themselves and what is happening in their own life. If you are able to adopt this perspective, you won’t get hurt as easily. In my experience, a daily meditation practice has helped me see the world this way, which has made all the difference in my internal peace. Even if I only have 15 minutes to spare, sitting in stillness gives me a chance to reset, calm my anxiety, and extend positive energy to myself and others. Wondering what type of meditation might be right for you? Click here to find out.

Activism Goals. 

Maybe 2021 is the year you finally start a passion project or get involved with a cause that inspires you. There’s a lot to take action on, no matter what your views or beliefs may be. Not only will this give you a sense of purpose, it’s a way to connect with like-minded people and build a community. Along with all the good you’ll be doing in the world, it might also prevent loneliness and depression. 

Self Care Goals. 

After a year full of anxiety, now is the time to create daily rituals that nourish your spirit. One important element of self-care is skincare. I treat my morning and evening regimens as a way of nurturing my body from the outside in and care for my face, neck, and chest by alternating between the holi (trinity), lactic acids, and retin-a. 

I’m a huge advocate of self-care rituals at the end of the day because taking baths almost every night has changed my life. I always fill my tub with holi (bath) and epsom salts, light candles, play Kundalini music, and put a few drops of rose absolute on my heart. Before bed, I turn off the internet, set my laptop in the other room, and put my phone on airplane mode. This routine protects against EMF exposure to foster positive energy and encourage a more restful sleep. (Read more on that here.)

I hope these tips inspire you to start your own manifestation practice to support you and your dreams! A very happy new year from Agent Nateur — We wish you happiness, success, and love in 2021. I have no doubt that there are bright things ahead for you.