Jena’s Hair Repair Journey

Jena’s Hair Repair Journey

We’re pretty good these days at looking after our bodies. We’re conscious about what we eat and drink, we know exercise is good, and some sunshine every day goes a long way. So why don’t we give as much thought to our hair? And do we know what to do when our crowning glory loses its lustre?

We’ve all had a hair crisis, often when we weren’t expecting it. Sometimes this is down to hormones or a health condition, or a salon treatment that went wrong, or it could even be self-inflicted from over-using heating and styling devices.

My own turning point came after a solid 17 months of hair breakage from an awful highlighting bleach that was left on my hair for too long. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. But now that my hair is finally making a comeback, I have some tried, tested and fabulous tips for you to get your hair back on track. 


  • Start with a daily dose of holi (mane), our exclusive product which combines two daily powerhouse super foods: marine collagen (for thicker looking hair) and pearl powder (for softer, silkier hair).  It also has over 30 trace minerals, including silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium that support the appearance of optimal hair, skin and nail health.  holi (mane) is so simple to include in your daily routine - just add it to your morning matcha, coffee or smoothie. I love to add mine to a watermelon passion fruit smoothie (recipe here).
  • I created our holi (radiance) to work alongside holi (mane). The magic ingredient here is OptiMSM®, a high-grade antioxidant. It’s a sulfur compound often called a beauty mineral that helps build keratin and collagen - two proteins that are key for healthy hair, skin and nails. Hair is mainly made up of proteins, the main one being keratin, and our bodies use amino acids (some of which are found in collagen) to build keratin. Again, just one scoop each day with your beverage will enhance the effects you get from holi (mane). 
  • Next up: holi (locks), our strengthening, detangling, anti-hair fall serum, which I formulated to treat thin/weak hair, dull or damaged hair, lack of volume, split ends, dry hair and scalp and hair breakage. The main active ingredient, Redensyl, has been called the ‘human hair galvanizer’ and targets the root causes of unhealthy hair, growing thicker, fuller, stronger hair while reducing shedding and breakage. Then there’s the Follicusan, which revitalizes and promotes thicker looking hair. And no wonder it smells amazing, as we’ve also included peppermint, helichrysum, jojoba, extracts of passionfruit seed and hibiscus which work on strengthening the look and feel of your hair and on conditioning your scalp. Simply apply a couple of droppers, massaging it into your scalp and then along your hair to the tips and leave in overnight. It will detangle and make your hair incredibly silky smooth!
  • When you wash and style your hair you can finish with hair (silk) peptides. This styling serum delivers silky, soft and shiny hair with a blend of nourishing oils, restorative proteins, and replenishing conditioners. It’s unique from other hair oils because it works with your hair over time, not just for a day.  I love to apply it when I want to air dry my hair. After towel drying, I put half of a dropper in the palm of my hands and spread evenly through my hair. If I’m blow drying, I use a quarter of a dropper on towel-dried hair. Then I blow dry as normal and then I use a few drops as a finishing oil for extra shiny, silky hair.
  • I also find taking a daily pre-natal can really help with hair quality, as the folic acid (folate) has been shown to help prevent hair thinning.  I buy Solgar’s Prenatal Nutrients  - they’re a regular in my daily routine and I love that they use science-backed formulas, responsibly-sourced ingredients, they avoid using artificial ingredients or fillers and they make small batches in-house.


Brushing up!

Something as basic as a really good quality hairbrush can make a huge difference. Years ago, women would sit at their dressing tables, brushing their hair in front of the mirror morning and night. And somehow we’ve found ourselves in a world where we no longer make time for such rituals. So I’m saying here and now, bring back hairbrushing, with a great hairbrush, gently and lightly for just a minute or two, for stimulating your scalp, removing impurities and tangles, and bringing on soft, shiny hair. My hairbrush of choice is the Sisley Paris Paddle brush. It’s a worthwhile investment and you’ll never want to use another brush again. 

Tell it like it is!

If you’re at the salon and someone else is brushing your hair, be assertive! It’s perfectly ok to ask anyone who brushes or blow dries your hair to be extremely gentle and not to rip or pull.

Turn down the heat!

Whether you’re getting this at the salon or doing it at home, try to decrease the big styling blowouts to just 2-3 times per month. I found this made a huge difference along with refraining from all heat tools like curling irons and straighteners. By reducing the heat damage, you can get a head start on getting your hair back to optimum health.

Be Cutting Edge!

Having regular trims can actually make your hair healthier. It gets rid of any dead ends which would split further up the hair shaft and cause your hair to weaken and break, and so delay hair growth. A fresh cut gets rid of any thinner-looking ends and helps to detangle your hair. I like to go for a blunt cut of about an inch and a half every few months to keep mine nice and healthy.

Treat Time!

I started having monthly Japanese Milbon treatments at my salon. This is a restorative treatment for dry and damaged hair which really works, and it’s great if you color your hair too. It’s a four-step process and the results can last up to a month. No wonder stylists are positively gushing about this and calling it a game-changer. The Milbon conditioner is one of my favorites and I often add it to my overnight holi (locks) and holi (silk) routine.

Pillow Talk!

You NEED to be sleeping on a Slip silk pillowcase every single night for both your hair and your skin. If you want to banish that bed head, these really do work! The smooth texture helps reduce tangles, frizziness, and breakages in your hair and they can absorb less moisture than some other pillowcase fabrics, allowing your skin and hair to stay better moisturized.

Restoring the condition of your hair can take time. But by taking these steps to nourish every inch of your hair, from follicle to tip, you’ll gradually get back to happy, healthy hair and be able to keep it that way.