Winter Skincare Magic: Skin Flooding

Winter Skincare Magic: Skin Flooding

If you're anything like me, winter can leave your skin feeling like it's in desperate need of moisture. We all know that our skin could use some extra TLC during the frosty months, so, naturally, we reach for our hydrating serums and rich creams, hoping to combat that winter dryness. But are we using these products to their full potential?

The solution might just be in the TikTok trending skincare technique called "skin flooding". This approach to skincare is tailored for those with dry skin, especially during the unforgiving winter months and could be the key to reclaiming your radiant, hydrated glow.

Skin Flooding Explained

While skin flooding might be #trending, it's not exactly a new kid on the block in the skincare world. This technique involves layering serums and creams to "flood" your skin with hydration, and keep that skin barrier safe and sound. This saturating process aims to enhance your skin's hydration levels, boost your skin’s elasticity and rejuvenate its appearance, making it particularly beneficial during cold winter months when our skin is prone to dryness, flakiness, and dullness. It's as if you’re giving your skin a cozy, moisture-packed hug - yes, please! 

Skin Flooding Steps

Interested in giving skin flooding a try? The order of application is key. Start with thinner, water-based products first and move on to thicker products with a higher oil content. This method ensures that each product is effectively absorbed and works in synergy, promoting deep hydration.

Here are the four key steps to achieving a skin flooding routine:

  • Step 1: Cleansing
      • Begin your skin flooding routine with your regular cleansing routine as it’s crucial to start with a clean canvas. I’d recommend acid (wash), our lactic acid skin brightening cleanser.
      • After cleansing, instead of drying your face completely, it's a good idea to leave it slightly damp. This way, your moisturizer can work its magic more efficiently because it has a water source to draw from. 
    • Step 2: Facial Mist
        • Mist your face with a hydrating facial mist as damp skin is more receptive to absorbing subsequent products. 
      • Step 3: Hydrating Serums
          • Apply a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum on to damp skin. Hyaluronic acid is  known for its ability to attract and hold onto water molecules. It’s also known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.
          • holi (water), our pearl and rose hyaluronic essence, works well for this step, improving the skin’s elasticity, tightening pores, and gently removing expired cells to reveal a hydrated, dewy glow.
          • Use the tips of your fingers to gently massage the product into the skin on your face and neck – any extra product can work wonders on the back of your hands.
        • Step 4: Moisturizer
            • Finish with your favorite moisturizing product. It helps lock in all the moisture and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day or night. 
            • I apply holi (lift), our ageless lifting and firming serum, and holi (crème), our filter face crème. I then finally seal everything in with holi (oil). I always make sure to treat my neck, chest, hands and wrists the same as my face too.
            • If you’re skin flooding in the morning, layer holi (sun) on top for sun protection. 

          Plus it’s not all about the face -  don’t forget about the rest of your body! I recommend our body (balm) which delivers glistening, ageless skin. The rich, dewy, serum-like texture melts onto your skin for ultra hydration and a sexy, satin glow. As well as nurturing your skin to make it soft and supple, the formulation also delivers a powerful antioxidant defense. This protects your skin against environmental stressors, strengthens the skin barrier, fights against premature skin aging, and alleviates the appearance of sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will feel soft, silky and nourished from head to toe. 

          Let it work its magic… Once you’ve completed your skin flooding routine, give your skin time to soak up the goodness. It’s a good idea to either make this a part of your nighttime routine, so the products can work their magic while you sleep, or turn it into a soothing daytime ritual. 

          Benefits of Skin Flooding

          Now that you’ve grasped the steps, let's dive into why there’s so much to love about this routine. 

          - Boosted Hydration
          Picture this: skin that's plump, smooth, and radiantly glowing. That's the magic of skin flooding. It's your secret weapon against the dry, tight feeling that usually tags along with winter.
          - Improved Skin Barrier
          A strong, healthy skin barrier is your skin's shield against the world. Skin flooding gives it a power boost, making it more resilient against the elements and less prone to water loss.
          - Calming Irritated Skin
          Winter's dry air can sometimes leave your skin irritated, red, and uncomfortable. Skin flooding, with its soothing and hydrating ingredients, steps in like a gentle savior. It soothes the chaos and leaves your skin feeling serene and refreshed.
          - Youthful Appearance
          By hydrating your skin to perfection, skin flooding can make fine lines and wrinkles seem less prominent, bringing back that youthful glow.
          - Makeup Game-Changer
          Well-hydrated skin provides the perfect canvas for your makeup, helping your products blend like a dream and stay put all day.
          - Long-Term Benefits
          The great thing is, skin flooding can become a lasting relationship with your skin. Over time, your skin becomes more resilient, and less prone to dryness and irritation. It's a commitment to healthy, happy skin, year after year.

          Skin flooding isn't just another skincare trend; it's a powerhouse for maintaining healthy and radiant skin, particularly in the winter months. With a multitude of benefits, you’ll definitely find me embracing skin flooding as a staple in my winter skincare routine and beyond.

          No matter your age, skin type, or texture, boosting your hydration levels is always a good idea. Hydrated skin means not only more glow, but it can also help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It even works its magic on strengthening your skin barrier, calming sensitivities, and soothing acne breakouts.

          At the end of the day, remember that the best skincare routine is one that you'll stick to. Invest in products tailored to your skin and craft a regimen that suits your unique needs because your skin truly deserves it. Let me know if the skin flooding technique works for you!

          A final piece of advice from me: don’t forget to hydrate your skin from within too. Firstly, water’s great - check out our previous posts on Cellular Hydration and Home Water Filtration Systems. And secondly, our holi (mane) supplement is formulated specially to give you radiant skin (it’s also great for your hair and nails)! It combines two daily powerhouse superfoods: marine collagen and pearl powder - all you need to do is add a scoop to your morning matcha, coffee or smoothie! It works so effectively because the peptide collagen contains high levels of the amino acid hydroxyproline, which has been scientifically proven to increase skin's moisture levels and smoothness.