Agent Woman: Organic Olivia

Agent Woman: Organic Olivia

Agent Woman

ey-juhnt woo m-uh n]


A woman with tenacity, confidence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a distinct point of view when it comes to holistic beauty and wellness. Women that our founder, Jena Covello, admire most. 

After facing a slew of health issues, Olivia Amitrano of Organic Olivia decided to take charge of her own body. The herbalist with a line of gut health, immune support, and skin supplements integrates eastern views with western medicine to heal the body. And she is keen to offer the best information and materials to improve the quality of life for all of her followers. Meet Agent Woman, Organic Olivia.

Name:Olivia Amitrano

Beauty Icon:  SZA. Her face, her voice, her soul!

Muse:Bethenny Frankel. I can only hope to one day embody her wit, confidence, business savvy, and all-around spunk. She is my entrepreneurial role model (plus both of our fathers were horse trainers and we both have a seafood allergy). 

Favorite city for inspiration: London. I’ve gone every summer since I studied abroad in 2013. I always come home with a fresh outlook.

Dream client: Anyone who is truly dedicated and motivated to change their lifestyle and take care of their body.

Introvert or extrovert: Ambivert. I love being around people who inspire me, stimulate my mind, and know how to have a laugh. Yet I also deeply crave long stretches of solitude to recover from people-time.

Daily uniform: High waisted jeans, a slightly oversized tee knotted in the center, and baby pink Mansur Gavriel mules. 

Cats or dogs: Dogs all the way, although I’m starting to develop a secret love for cats and their royal attitude.

Theme song: Just What I Am by Kid Cudi.

AM ritual: Every morning I drink a homemade oat milk matcha latte, listen to the same set of 3 calming/grounding songs that my hypnotherapist is using to help me rewire my neural pathways, set aside my supplements for the day, and pull a few angel cards.

PM wind down: CBD, stretching, tidying the house for the next morning, and the occasional hour of Real Housewives. I just can’t help it!

Greatest escape: Jamaica with my girlfriends where we can dance the night away and remember there are “no problems, only situations.”

Secret skill: I’m a classically trained opera singer.

Biggest struggle: Understanding what feelings and fears are truly my own, and what I’m absorbing from the people around me. Seeking validation from others when making a decision rather than identifying my own inner voice and compass.

Stress and anxiety management: Making lists is how I manage stress and anxiety. That way I can see in front of me everything that I have to do so that it's on paper rather than weighing on my shoulders. Then I tackle each one slowly while making sure to be present even if the task is scary (so that I'm not rushing through it all just to get it over with). I also like to dance around my house and practice singing in order to physically and energetically release stress and anxiety from my body where it tends to get stuck.