Ending 2019 at We Care Spa

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you’re having a relaxing and peaceful end to 2019. This past weekend I drove to Palm Springs with my best friend to detox, fast and relax at We Care Spa in Palm Springs. Other friends of mine had raved about it and rightfully so. I didn’t know what to expect (or how good I’d feel after I left, which is why I’m sharing this with you.) The location is beautiful and newly renovated. The new rooms are spacious and gorgeous and the pool and view of the mountains, desert, windmills and trees is breathtaking. The staff is is so kind and the three day fast was easy because you’re given the ingredients to make filling detox drinks throughout the day that not only taste good, but are made with high quality, organic ingredients. At night you’re allowed to eat 1 puréed soup, which is delicious. Plenty of water and teas are also recommended throughout the day, along with probiotics and supplements. Your daily schedule begins with a morning colonic to hydrate and detox the colon. The treatments you booked for yourself follow click HERE to see the different treatments) along with infrared sauna sessions, a relaxing moment on the swinging beds, hot tub, pool, yoga or a nap.

We attended classes for gut health, liquid food recipes (I made the best tahini dressing of my life, which I’ll share later) and an anti-inflammation class. It was the first time in many years that I truly tried to disconnect from my phone. It was an odd feeling, as I’m trying to break certain patterns and rely less on my phone and social media, the brain is being re-wired and it doesn’t know what to do with all of the extra time, so naturally I was feeling anxious. I meditated, I listened to hertz music to help with fear and anxiety and I connected with nature and walked the labyrinth. The treatment sessions are incredible, as well as the therapists. One of my favorite treatments was the System Recovery, “The power of castor oil may benefit your liver, de-stress the body and increase colonic release. Your entire body is gently exfoliated with a dry brush. Then warm castor oil is applied over the entire body. While you are wrapped and relaxing on your heated amethyst mat, your therapist will give you a relaxing scalp, neck and foot massage.”

By the second night I wanted to toss my phone and I was asleep by 8pm. Moving forward I’ve set notices on my iPhone to alert me once I’ve reached a certain amount of time. In 2020 I plan to connect with others more and limit as much time as possible on the phone. Once I returned home from We Care, my cycle started. As some of you know, I have endometriosis and adenomyosis.  My cycles are up and down, and can be excruciatingly painful but this has been one of the easiest cycles in 2019 and there’s definitely a connection to the cleanse and fast from We Care. I felt so good on the cleanse that I bought all of the ingredients to continue it at home. Stress is a major factor in most of our lives and this weekend I was deeply reminded that our physical health relies on disconnecting from our phones and de stressing. If you book a trip at We Care, mention my name Jena Covello to receive a free Magnesium Detox. “This wrap may relieve your stress and calm your overactive nerves. First, your entire body is brushed with a dry brush. Then a magnesium, aloe and lavender essential oil paste is applied topically for increased trans-dermal absorption (inhalation is encouraged for extra healing and calming). The treatment is performed on an amethyst mat and you are encased in a FAR infra-red sauna wrap.”