How Dr. Will Cole Tweaked My Diet and Changed My Life

How Dr. Will Cole Tweaked My Diet and Changed My Life

Living with the inflammation caused by autoimmune disorders and endometriosis can be debilitating. My personal experience with endometriosis often left me feeling depressed, discouraged, and scared, but meeting Dr. Will Cole and his amazing team gave me new hope and, ultimately, a new life. 

When my friends come to me complaining of period pain or digestion issues, I tell them to go see Will and to be patient with the results. Many Western doctors utilize treatments that work quickly to treat symptoms but completely ignore the root cause. Will, on the other hand, focuses on the core of the issue and develops a specialized protocol tailored to a person’s unique bio-individuality. This type of treatment takes time, but the results are worth it.

After years of seeing functional medicine doctors who were unable to help me lower my elevated estrogen levels, Dr. Will remade my diet by cutting out phytoestrogens and putting me on an auto-immune protocol. Even though I had already been avoiding gluten and sugar, it was these precise changes that finally brought my estrogen levels down to normal. And not only did this new diet regulate me hormonally, it also made me look ten years younger; My skin was clearer, my body was more toned, my hair was thicker, and I had a healthy glow.

I’ll be the first to admit that the first two weeks of this new protocol weren’t easy. But it wasn’t long before I started seeing and feeling the benefits—and I was hooked. I’m so appreciative for Will and his incredible team for their encouragement and support throughout this process. They’ve gotten me through some of the hardest days and have been the first to celebrate with me when my symptoms improved.

Tune into our conversation to learn more about my amazing experience working with Dr. Will Cole and for his expert insight on autoimmune conditions and using food as medicine.


  • Teasers for the new Agent Nateur + Dr. Will Cole supplement for hair, skin, and nails
  • The struggle of living with an autoimmune disorder or endometriosis
  • Dr. Will’s protocol for my unique symptoms
  • Different diets that benefit autoimmune disorders
  • The importance of taking quality supplements
  • Why your daily routine matters
  • All about the HPA axis and adrenal fatigue
  • What Dr. Will Cole eats for breakfast
  • Powerful ways to disconnect and destress
  • Introductions to the amazing team behind Dr. Will Cole


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