Episode 103: Renowned Functional Medicine Dr Will Cole on Inflammation, Estrogen Dominance and Gene Mutations


Jena Covello sits down with a pillar in her healing journey, worldwide consulting functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Will Cole. After seeking his help in 2017, bed ridden and in chronic pain, Jena shares how Dr. Cole helped lower her estrogen dominance for the first time since her diagnosis, fix her diet strategies and regain control of her health. In this episode Jena and Dr. Will Cole touch on new approaches focused on epigenetics, gene mutations and how lifestyle and environment play a role in health. We learn about how his collaboration with Jena on their Holi(youth) oceanic adoptogen started. And in light of the recent Covid-19, how we can build the immune system with vitamins, minerals and nutrient dense foods.


Agent Nateur and Dr Will Cole holi (youth) The Oceanic Adaptogen https://www.agentnateur.com/collections/products/products/adaptogen

Dr. Will Cole’s book Ketotarian  https://drwillcole.com/ketotarian/

Dr. Will Cole’s book The Inflammation Spectrum https://drwillcole.com/the-inflammation-spectrum/

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