Holi (body) for your holi (legs)

Holi (body) for your holi (legs)

Everyone has been obsessed with glazing and getting 'the cheekbone glow' this summer, but I like to take it further and make sure I have a radiant, luminous, and beautiful glow on my body and legs, as well as my face.

In the summer months, I will never leave the house without using holi (body) to ensure that my legs look beautiful, soft and smooth and people always comment on them. holi (body) is also a consistent part of my morning self-love and self-connection routine (you can read more about this here), so it's honestly one product that I don't think I could live without.

The thing I love about our holi (body) oil, though, is that it goes so much deeper. Yes, it gives you the perfect glow, and yes, it absorbs like a dream, but when you understand what, why, and how I formulated it, you realize it actually really is a powerful product.

People moisturize their body all the time, and I find myself wondering why they don't switch to body oil instead. It is one of the most powerful, hydrating, and deeply nourishing remedies for dry skin on your legs and body (whether that comes from the sun, shaving, or general dehydration). Body oil is amazing because it doesn't clog pores in the way that other products can, and when you are damp, right out of the shower, it is the perfect time for your already damp skin to absorb it! It glides on so smoothly, and it never feels like a chore to apply.

One of my favorite things about the holi (body) product is that not only does it diminish scars, fight and tighten against cellulite and dry skin, but it also is powerful in the fight against inflammatory skin conditions and this is thanks to the revolutionary oryza sativa in the product. It's a rice bran oil, sourced from Japan, that is packed full of antioxidants and is rich in vitamins E, B, omega 9, tons of fatty acids, and more. When I was formulating, I became aware of research that showed that rice extract could really have a powerful effect on skin structure. It is thought to decrease epidermal thickness and inflammation, as well as increase the creation of anti-inflammatory cytokines (while battling the bad guys known as the proinflammatory cytokines too).

Kim Kardashian isn't the only one to suffer with psoriasis on her legs, and, if you do too, holi (body) can be a really great addition to your toolkit of fighting the battle against this inflammatory skin condition.

It's not just the oryza sativa that I love, though. There are a ton of other ingredients that are really powerful in this product that make it a hero product for cellulite, scarring, dry skin, stretchmarks and more. The ingredients I have chosen work amazingly on their own, but together, they really are the perfect formulation and there is no other product on the market like this.

Packed full of Caffeine, this is the ultimate anti-cellulite ingredient to help diminish the appearance of cellulite. The ultimate circulation stimulator, Caffeine is also known to help tighten your beautiful skin, and when your skin gets tighter, the appearance of cellulite decreases. 

The rosehip oil in holi (body) not only acts like natural retinol but also helps wound healing, reduces the appearance of scarring and stretch marks as well as being 'protective' against environmental stressors. These can often get worse in the summer months - think, more sun, more chlorine, more AC, and more sunscreen, which can make your skin more dehydrated than ever before.

The Rosa damascena oil in holi (body) works amazingly to soothe redness due to dryness too, and the antioxidant + antimicrobial properties of this ingredient is also thought to be powerful at battling acne. So, not only can holi (body) can help to alleviate redness from repetitive summer leg shaving (or sunburn), but an all-over application of holi (body) can also help with chest and back acne too (as well as those pesky ingrown hairs around your bikini line).  

The sodium ascorbyl phosphate is also an important part of the formulation as well. It is a powerful yet gentle form of vitamin C that is readily absorbed and has been clinically proven to brighten the complexion's appearance. Using this on your legs daily will help you develop a consistently smooth, nourishing, and nurturing glow - but using it all over the body will also help reduce the look of fine lines, sun spots age spots - something that I know a lot of people struggle with on their hands and decolletage - particularly in the summer months.

This is one of my favorite products and the truth is? This is the product that I don't leave the house without all year-round. I really don't travel without it. With an opulent, sexy, and earthy aroma, as well as a weightless finish, this youth-enhancing oil is quickly absorbed to hydrate, nourish, and protect all skin types for a luminous appearance.

You can buy yours here.

Love Jena x