Holi (sex) just got better

Holi (sex) just got better

I get asked all the time if you can use our ageless holi (body) serum all over your body because you are all OBSESSED with it (and rightly so, because I am as well!).

But, the truth? As thick and luxurious as it is, holi (body) was formulated to smooth your skin, tighten your body and target cellulite, so I would always go for a more tailored and less tightening formulation for moisturizing and caring for your intimate areas. This is where holi (sex) comes in.

holi (sex) is basically like holi (body) but I formulated it especially for your intimate areas. Everyone who uses it is obsessed with it, and the reviews consistently say that people will never return to another intimate lubricant again. That's when I know I've formulated a product right.

When I started to formulate our first ever Agent intimate oil, I knew I needed to create something divinely special that not only provided the perfect opportunity to connect inwards with yourself and give yourself the love, adoration, and respect that you deserve but also that could be used on or with your partner, without ever having to worry that it could be toxic, inappropriate or the wrong choice for either of you. The response has been so incredible - and more recently, you've asked for the product to come with a pump instead of a dropper, and so I listened and made this change for you to elevate your experience further!

holi (sex) isn't just an intimate or sex oil though. While it has been formulated to warm and enhance your deeply connecting intimate experiences, it's actually a nourishing hydrating oil that also works to alleviate vaginal dryness, scarring from in-grown hairs, and so much more.

Vaginal dryness can come from so many things (hormones, hormone changes, and imbalances, menopause, early onset menopause, antibiotics, birth control, nervous system dysregulation, and more), and the more I learned about this, the more I realized no one was formulating for so many women around the world who experienced vaginal dryness. I knew I wanted to create something so gentle, kind, and loving for the people who experience dryness and don't want to turn to traditional medication or solutions. And then? holi (sex) was born. She is the goddess of intimate oils.

The reviews and messages I receive about holi (sex) are almost too much to post (I love it!!) and when you understand the ingredients in the formulation, you'll understand why. Some of my favorite oils in the product include:

  • Coconut oil - a natural extract clinically proven as a safe, hydrating effective lubricant;
  • Sweet almond oil - packed full of vitamins and nutrients that hydrate and lubricate while warming for extra moisture and pleasure;
  • Rose - helping you to connect with your aura and to work on self-connection, self-love, and an opening of your heart chakra;
  • Vanilla - thought to be a natural aphrodisiac; and
  • Sandalwood - packed full of antioxidants, it brings calmness and harmony to your self-connection experience while also moisturizing and alleviating dryness and replenishing the structure and buoyancy of skin cells.

How incredible are they?

If you aren't already buying a dedicated, caring, loving and special product for your intimate areas to elevate your sexual experiences, this is your sign to do so. 

You can purchase yours here. 

Love Jena x