The cream that I’ve been formulating until it’s perfect

The cream that I’ve been formulating until it’s perfect

I always talk about how an incredible and reliable face cream is vital for the health, longevity, glow, and radiance of your skin but the truth is - finding one that does this and more has been really hard for me.

That, plus the fact that the Agent Army has been asking when we are going to add one to the range, makes this blog post even sweeter, as well as this whole process being deeply inspired by my friend Zizi Donohoe who first introduced me to a cream that inspired me to take this formulation further, without petroleum.

I’ve been waiting so long to release and announce this product. It has taken me so long to formulate a face cream that is clean, packed full of incredible ingredients, is different from all of the products on the market *AND* doesn’t make you break out. Honestly, nearly every face cream or moisturizer on the market has caused me to break out at some point - and I don’t even have sensitive skin or an issue with breakouts which is crazy. When I couldn’t find a product that was right for me, I knew it was time to develop my own product, and so the story began. I promised myself I would NOT stop until I got the formulation right. I started formulating this incredible new product in the south of France last summer, and after another long beautiful European summer finalizing the formulation, it’s ready! I cannot wait for you all to try it.

The holi (créme) filter face really is the product you have all been waiting for. It feels like velvet. It is a light matte cream that gives a filter-like finish, and I developed it so it can be used by everyone - even those with the most sensitive acne-prone skin. holi (créme) isn’t greasy or oily (and yes, one day I will formulate a heavier cream, I promise!), but this is a light cream, and the ingredient list is short. There are no essential oils in it and it is fragrance-free.

holi (créme) is formulated and infused with some natural nutrients that are already hero products in the agency line (like cucumber distillate and pitaya extract) as well as some new ingredients that I have concluded are the best of the best (think olus oil, manuka honey, squalane, and more). Packed with 8 actives, and 6 that are trademarked- like tomato extract and cistus incanus flower extract, cucumber distillate and more - this product is unlike anything else you will have on your shelf.

holi (crème) will deeply hydrate, revitalize and nurture your face. It is soothing, and non-clogging, and the ultra-light texture will never weigh down your skin but will always leave you with a luminous shine. I really wanted to create a formulation that improves the hydration of your skin every single day that you use it - as well as helping with the appearance of skin texture and giving you a general glow. This product gives you the ultimate surface hydration for a visibly softer and smoother appearance and that is thanks to some of the most incredible ingredients. Apply before makeup for maximum priming effect too.

Now, into what makes this product so incredible.

First up, Cucumber distillate. Cucumber distillate is a calming, cooling and clear extract that helps to naturally nourish, soothe, hydrate and de-puff even the most tired skin. You all were obsessed with it in our eye serum, and so I knew it had to be included in this product. High in Vitamin C, a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant, this really is the perfect ingredient for a refreshing, revitalizing, and soothing your face.

Squalane, naturally produced in the body, is an exceptional hydrator that supports dermal suppleness and helps to maintain soft, smooth and glowing skin. Non-greasy, non-tacky and non-irritant, this 100% natural phytosqualane is sourced from sustainable olive squalane from Spain that effectively protects against dehydration. I love that this is sourced from Europe, it’s so moisturizing.

Next up, some of the actives.

Cucumber distillate soothes, cares for, and hydrates all skin types - even the most sensitive of skin and Daisy Extract acts as a natural skin-evening agent that helps to nurture a balanced, even but luminous complexion and radiant skin.

Manuka honey is one of the most unique, powerful and beneficial forms of honey in the world, powered by a high-enzyme content. When I learned about this potent honey, and how it is highly anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial, I knew I wanted this incredible topical ingredient included. It is high in methylglyoxal, which is thought to promote the appearance of structure growth and regrowth within the skin, as well as hydrating, retaining moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Tomato Fruit Extract is an exciting new ingredient that I’m obsessed with because it is packed full of rare, UV-absorbing, colorless carotenoids, which help your face to be protected against light absorbance and protect skin against free-radical induced damage.

And another active, Cistus Incanus Flower Extract is incredible because it is packed full of polyphenols that impacts the stress receptors in the body and mimics the effects of meditation by preventing proinflammatory cytokine production (yes, REALLY!). It reportedly also strengthens the body’s defense system and helps to prevent damage to the skin barrier. What an incredible active! I had never heard of anything like it when I was researching potential ingredients.

Next up, some of the deeply nourishing oils.

Olus oil, 100% natural, additive-free, colorless and odorless, makes the perfect cream base that protects, softens and smooths skin as well as forming a protective barrier to prevent the loss of hydration and moisture from within. Packed full of antioxidant Vitamin E, with the ability to easily glide on the skin and leave a smooth and velvet feel, pure olus oil is a deeply moisturizing, nourishing part of the holi (crème) filter face cream that also protects cells from damage.

Jojoba oil is incredible too for its deeply hydrating, nourishing, and anti-aging properties. Together, these oils deliver velvety, smooth skin radiance, as well as work to stimulate collagen production, balance skin tone, regulate the production of sebum, shield against UV damage and help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s also packed full of beetroot extract (loaded with antioxidants is a powerful cocktail of valuable minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, and iron), pitaya extract (a star player in our Agent line ups that restores the youthful look of skin and reduce visible signs of aging) and daisy flower (extracted from organic daisy flowers to bring a skin-evening element to the formulation that helps to nurture a balanced, even but luminous complexion and radiant skin)

Friends - this product is incredible! It is free radical quenching, anti-inflammatory, protective and powerful. It’s a cocktail of ingredients that not only helps to shield against external stressors but also helps to nourish the skin at a cellular level. Hydration hydration hydration

Buy yours today before it sells out.

Love Jena x