Earth Connection Oil: A Transdermal Probiotic Supplement that Can Help with Eczema, Psoriasis, Breakouts, Pain, and Even Anxiety and Depression

Earth Connection Oil: A Transdermal Probiotic Supplement that Can Help with Eczema, Psoriasis, Breakouts, Pain, and Even Anxiety and Depression

We spoke with MJ Renshaw, founder of Earth Connection Oil, to learn more about her luxury probiotic transdermal supplement line. MJ explains why transdermal supplements absorb better than other forms of supplements, especially when it comes to magnesium, vitamin D3, and probiotics. She also talks to us about a particular strain of probiotic she uses, called mycobacterium vaccae, which has been clinically shown to help with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

MJ, what inspired you to create your line of organic transdermal supplements?

Mostly curiosity and intuition! I had been making it for myself for about a year to help with my own skin issues and the stress of an intense school program but decided to sell it on a whim and I’m glad I did. It was really helpful for me so I was hoping it would help someone else too. I know how it feels to be stressed and experience eczema. It’s not fun. 

Is there a benefit to taking supplements transdermally rather than in pill form?

Yes! It’s all about absorption. Sometimes absorbing things through the digestive tract is difficult because some of us don’t absorb things well in that way, and for probiotics especially it’s hard to keep them alive to make it to the large intestine. Magnesium, vitamin D3, and probiotics are all clinically shown to be absorbed well through the skin because this is one of the ways we get them in nature.

You include a probiotic in your oils called mycobacterium vaccae. Can you tell us about some of the benefits, especially when it comes to depression and anxiety?

This is such a cute bacteria. It’s typically found in soil and dirt and we source it from one of the oldest lakes on the planet. Studies have been done of this strain in particular on humans and mice showing that it helps a lot with mood disorders and also intelligence. While I can’t claim Earth Oil can do this, I can say our reviews are fantastic. Because of the studies done on this bacteria, they are now looking at activities like gardening and being in nature for health and healing and I love that. The Japanese have known about this forever with forest bathing so I’m glad it’s catching on more in the west.

Does mycobacterium vaccae have any beauty or skin benefits?

Yes! Anytime we diversify our skin microbiome we help our skin heal and regenerate better. Also, magnesium and probiotics can help with stress and sleep, and we all know that it’s so important for glowing and healthy skin.

A lot of people notice your oil really helps to clear up eczema, breakouts, and even minimize wrinkles. What do you attribute this to?

A lot of these issues can come from an imbalance in the skin microbiome. Our usual reflex is to reach for a lot of products but sometimes it’s better to just simplify and let your skin balance itself. Our skin is very, very good at healing and it’s important to look at it like an organ. I think looking at our gut health, our stress levels, and our microbiome are all really helpful.

Your Earth Oil contains magnesium. Can you talk about why magnesium is so important and what some of the benefits are?

Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals on our planet and sadly due to the way we grow food these days a lot of us don’t get enough. From a neurological standpoint, magnesium is the mineral we need to “turn things off”.  So if we have tight muscles, fascia, and tension then it might be due to a lack of magnesium. I personally love Earth Oil for neck and shoulder tension and rubbing some on your jaw can help if you clench at night.

What feedback do you usually get from people after they try your magnesium oil?

We usually hear a lot of stories about psoriasis and eczema improving a lot. We also have a big group of pregnant people that use it for low back pain or leg cramps. I really wanted to create a simple product that could help anyone from teens with acne issues to people wanting to just relax or boost collagen production.

Your Mr. Sun Oil contains vitamin D3. Why is vitamin D3 so important?

This is just another hormone that a lot of us are lacking due to our modern lifestyle and being indoors a lot. I’m in Canada so we have a few dark months in the winter that can really be a bummer if we don’t supplement. The two biggest things people might notice with vitamin D is their mood and their immune system. It’s integral for both. 

What do people usually notice after using your Mr. Sun Oil?

I always say Earth Oil is for relaxation and Mr. Sun is a bit more uplifting. We have a lot of people that use Mr. Sun seasonally and we’ve done a few blood tests on people to check Vitamin D levels and it helps a lot. I use Mr. Sun in the morning and Earth Oil in the evening, although they are both fine at any time. If anyone is having a hard time deciding I always say go with your intuition because your body knows best!