Chamomile, the potent plant extract

Chamomile, the potent plant extract

Think of chamomile, and you’d be forgiven for thinking of a chamomile tea meant to calm you before bed. For me, when I think of chamomile, I think of a massively underrated happy daisy plant that has been used for a long time around the world for both its medicinal and beauty properties.

Even though the plant is dainty and sweet, it’s powerful, and this is why I love to formulate with it. It is rich in terpenoids and flavonoids, has antioxidant properties, improves the skin barrier function, soothes inflammation, initiates repair of skin and wounds, alleviates symptoms of skin conditions like eczema, acne scarring, and is also understood from studies to be a natural method for reducing hyperpigmentation, and more.

I haven’t spent much time before talking about why I love chamomile so much, but I love this ingredient enough that it has made it into three of my formulations, including:

So, why do I love it so much? Let’s get into the tons of benefits and how its inclusion in these Agent formulations can do wonders for your skin and body.

First up, the powerful antioxidant properties of the plant are exceptional and make it an excellent ingredient for anti-aging. The polyphenols and phytochemicals in chamomile help to tackle free radicals that drive glycation, skin damage and accelerated skin aging. Using chamomile on the skin in holi (glow) and holi (cleanse) means that we can deliver the skin a daily dose of antioxidants with every cleanse and application. This helps the skin stay healthy, supple, and nourished and fight against environmental stressors like pollution, UV rays, and more. Chamomile also helps the skin to regenerate, as well as tightening and brightening pores and the general complexion.

Secondly, chamomile reduces redness and irritation in the skin, and Ancient Greeks actually crushed the plant down and applied it directly to irritated skin in a paste. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it is perfect for getting rid of skin redness, and inflammation and is even better in the summer months when we might be dealing with sunburn or feeling dehydrated after a day in the sun. After a long day in the sun, sometimes I will add the holi (glow) ageless eye serum all over my face, including my lips, to help cool my face down and to re-hydrate it.

Chamomile is also a key player in the new formulation of our holi (bath) rose infused calming coconut milk bath (alongside coconut milk, pink himalayan sea salt, dead sea salt, Japanese magnesium, calendula, organic honey and rose oil).

The inclusion of chamomile in the formulation was formulated to not only calm the skin but also to reduce the appearance of scarring all over the body, as well as to nurture the skin by replenishing its moisture barrier and helping to soothe irritated skin. Chamomile is also great at treating psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea thanks to the flavonoids in the chamomile that act like a topical anti-inflammatory. So, if you live with skin conditions and are looking for a natural alternative to a hydrocortisone cream, holi (bath) may be a great alternative due to the chamomile (and calming calendula) in the product. Chamomile also is excellent for treating wounds due to its antiseptic power and this can help avoid spreading bacteria around the face or body, another great benefit of a holi (bath).

Third, chamomile is incredible for undereye bags and puffy eyes, which so many of us deal with in today’s extra busy, sometimes under-slept, often over-caffeinated society. Chamomile helps to lighten the under-eye area as well as reducing puffiness. holi (glow) - our ageless eye serum is also packed full of:

  • Lavender and cucumber waters - full of antioxidants to help soothe dehydrated skin;
  • Pitaya - high in vitamin C to brighten your complexion, boost hydration and leave skin soft and supple;
  • Caffeine - to illuminate dark circles and dehydrated eye sockets;
  • Hawkweed extract - with organic compounds and amino acids that naturally brighten the look of skin alongside chamomile.

Next up, chamomile is great for helping with acne or acne-prone skin. It is antibacterial, reduces bacteria on and around the skin and helps to curb breakouts and prevent future ones. It’s a great natural ingredient for fighting against acne, and it’s a key star player in our holi (cleanse). If you are really struggling with more severe acne, even though holi (cleanse) is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and can work for this type of skin, we always advise testing out our lactic-acid based cleanser, acid wash, too.

Fifth, chamomile acts as a vasodilator, which improves blood flow and can help the skin and eye socket appear brighter and more refreshed. If you are looking for a more refined skin tone, I would always advise testing out our ‘botox in a jar’ holi (bright) glass resurfacing face mask alongside our holi (glow) and holi (cleanse) products. Our new mask is revolutionary for the holy grail of glowing complexions.

Finally, chamomile has skin lightening properties. It has astringent and brightening properties that can help to fade acne scars and work to even out hyperpigmentation when used regularly. So what better reason to use our cleanser daily, particularly in the summer months when hyperpigmentation can be exacerbated by sun exposure?

So, this underrated ingredient of chamomile is not only super cute, but also super powerful. I love how calming it is. It works quietly but is a potent plant that adds a real kick to the agent products. It's so nourishing, and I'm so grateful for the power it brings to my products.

Let me know how you get on with chamomile and our holi (glow), holi (cleanse), and newly re-formulated holi (bath).

Love Jena x