At Agent Nateur, we don’t bath, we holi (bath)

At Agent Nateur, we don’t bath, we holi (bath)

More recently, I feel like baths have been sidelined as part of a ‘soft’ self-care regime. But, the truth is, medicinal and therapeutic baths are incredibly powerful as a preventative and strengthening health practice. So, whether you’re a bath devotee or more into your daily quick shower ritual, I’m going to talk you through the health practice you never knew existed and how taking a bath with our new formulation of holi (bath) could be the newest part of your daily, weekly and monthly nourishment for mind, body, skin, and soul. I’m obsessed with this new formulation, and you are going to be too. It is incredible!

I always, always feel better after a bath, and when I started to research the benefits, it started to make more sense why this was. A recent SF-8 Health Survey has shown that baths lead to better general, mental, and emotional health as well as increasing social functioning scores. Some studies have also shown that they can reduce stress, tension, anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression! On top of this, the physical benefits are major too, and taking baths exerts hyperthermic action, which gets the blood flow moving, the body eliminates metabolic waste, and more. First, I’m going to get into some of my favorite science-backed benefits related to taking baths. Then I am going to explore why the holi (bath) ingredients are the perfect combination for turning a normal bath into a therapeutic or medicinal bath.

First up, some of my favorite benefits of taking a bath:

1. It stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system

A hot bath generally warms blood in the blood vessels, increasing body temperature. When it excites the heat-sensitive neurons and inhibits the cold-sensitive neurons in the body, this leads to the inhibition of the sympathetic nervous (commonly connected with fight and flight) and stimulates the parasympathetic nerves. This can help shift the body into a state of parasympathetic nervous system dominance, which is exactly where you want to be to help your body come out of rest and digest to help offset crazy city life.

This parasympathetic state can also help relax muscles too, and holi (bath) helps with that as well. The Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Japanese Magnesium combination in holi (bath) not only restores skin’s radiance by unclogging pores, softening calluses, and also cleansing acne-prone skin, but these natural minerals are believed to reduce the feeling of stress and promote a sense of relaxation, so this is a truly calming experience on a muscular and nervous system level.

2. It can help with depression

Baths can help with mental health and low mood states too. AGerman study tested the effects of thermal baths on 45 people suffering from depression. They concluded that regular bathing might be faster-acting than exercise for lifting your mood and that “baths seem to be a fast-acting, safe and easy accessible method leading to clinically relevant improvement in depressive disorder after two weeks”. We all know that when we are fighting against depression or low moods, even the smallest of tasks can feel overwhelming, so I personally feel that filling up a tab for a warm or hot bath, loaded with holi (bath), is a small step that we can take, without having to lead the house, to bring us one step closer to a more manageable mental health state. It also rinses out of the bath so easily, leaving you nothing else to think about post-bath.

3. It can help with sleep and sleep cycles

In today’s busy, hectic city life, getting to sleep can often be challenging when our minds are racing and our bodies are tense. A bath can help relax your muscles, calm your mind, and help prepare your body to shift into a sleep state more easily. A bath about 90 minutes before bed is thought to be the best sleep aid (rather than taking one right before), and the ideal bath temperature for encouraging sleep is thought to be hot (but not insanely hot) - around 40 degrees. holi (bath), packed full of magnesium, helps as the perfect sleep aid too.

Scientists have been looking into the power that hot baths might hold to restore the body’s natural temperature rhythm. The findings have been interesting. They’ve found that people who are depressed or suffering from depression have dysfunctional cycles and that hot baths can now regulate these cycles. The researchers looked into how the heat from a long hot bath (30 minutes at 40°C) timed in the afternoon (rather than the evening) actually reset the circadian rhythm of the participants. This was proven to lead to a better night’s sleep for people in the study.

4. It strengthens your immune function

It’s also thought that taking baths (warm and hot) is also associated with strengthened immune function. It’s long been understood that when we get temperatures and fevers, it is our body’s way of helping us fight off what is happening inside our body. Studies also show that hot baths can act like a fever and help boost our immunity. For example, researchers from the Roswell Cancer Institute found that soaking in a hot bath significantly intensified white blood cells and increased their ability to fight off infection. The same Cancer Institute suggests that soaking for 30 - 40 minutes can increase the body’s production of these essential infection-fighting white blood cells.  

5. It strengthens the power of your heart

Bathing has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and reduce the inflammatory status in the heart by improving cardiac function. For example, a recent study looked at immersing participants in a hot spring (like taking a hot bath, just different) at 40 degrees for 10 minutes daily for 2 weeks. The study found that all clinical heart symptoms improved, and the inflammatory responses in the body also decreased. Therefore, repeated bathing can improve the cardiac and inflammatory status in patients with chronic heart failure. And if it can do that for them? Then I’m sure that it can help with the general heart health of all of us.

6. It increases your metabolism, burns calories, and lowers blood sugar

A hot bath can increase your metabolism and be great for when you are too busy, too stressed, or tired to get a workout in. A recent study, led by researcher Steve Faulkner, showed that raising the body temperature by 1 degree (which took about an hour in a hot bath) positively affected an individual’s metabolic rate. The study found that the participants burnt as many calories in a one-hour hot bath as walking for half an hour - around 140 calories! So, this, plus the fact that it supports immunity, cardiovascular health, blood sugar maintenance, and more, means that it can help contribute to weight management and many other things. Who knew a 30-minute holi (bath) could deliver so many benefits? 

7. Helps the body with detoxification 

The magnesium in the holi (bath) is also critical for helping with detoxification within the body. It works by stimulating cellular activity so that toxins within the body get removed from the cell and then moved into the bloodstream, ready to flush them out of the body (assuming that your drainage pathways are open properly!). Magnesium also works well at pulling heavy metals from the body (like lead, mercury, and aluminum, which are in a ton of products that we come into contact with), so I love that holi (bath) also helps pull out heavy metals while delivering so many other benefits.

The product’s baking soda is also powerful and helps detoxify too. The major benefits of baking soda come from the pH (because it is super alkaline), so it helps to calm and neutralize acidic environments (including things on the skin like yeast infections, eczema, psoriasis, and more). Make sure you set aside about 20 to 30 minutes for proper soaking to see maximum results. 

8. Helps promote healthy, glowing skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ & one of its essential functions is to eliminate waste, and with a hot bath opening pores, the skin can do its thing, helping to purify the body and supporting the function of the lymphatic system. holi (bath) is packed full of an incredible array of minerals - including magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, sulfates, and more - so it is deeply nourishing in terms of giving the body what it needs to help it function as it should. It’s also deeply hydrating (improving and enhancing the skin barrier), anti-inflammatory, and naturally antibacterial (so it cleans the surface of the skin well and gently). In addition, Holi (bath) can help remove dead skin cells that contribute to rough, patchy, and scaly skin.

With so many benefits going on inside of your body, it’s easy to overlook how holi (bath) has so many ingredients that can help lead to soft, supple skin.

A therapeutic or medicinal bath quality depends on the product you are soaking in. holi (bath) is packed full of incredible, high-quality ingredients that help you turn your bath into a holi (bath). Some of my favorites include:

Coconut milk - perfect for keeping skin supple, reducing the dryness of skin, and eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also giving your skin a luminous glow;
Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Japanese Magnesium - not only for helping with skin health, but this triple combination also helps to deliver a muscle-relaxing, nervous-system calming, and anxiety-relieving experience.
Calendula and camomile - calendula derived and extracted from marigold flowers and potent plant extract of camomile, both shown to help with skin nourishment - increase skin’s elasticity and firmness while soothing irritation and replenishing its moisture barrier.
Organic honey - a natural salve that alleviates redness and itching of the skin (often caused due to dryness) but also works to gently exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and, finally
Rose Oil - one of my favorite ingredients. Rich in vitamins A, B, E, C and K, antioxidants, minerals, rose oil helps to tackle dry skin. Still, it also has a beautiful impact on our heart chakra and our ability to stay open, loving, and accepting. I love to use these holi (baths) as a moment to connect inwards with myself and calm down after a busy day, so this rose oil is such a beautiful addition for me.

So, helping with immunity, calming your day-to-day life, raising the body’s core temperature, stimulating the circulation and power of the heart, driving lymphatic flow, enhancing sleep quality, reducing inflammation & helping your body push into a state of ‘rest and digest’ are just some of the things that a hot bath can do for you. Add in the high-quality, luxurious holi (bath) ingredients, and your skin, muscles, and nervous system get total nourishment too.  

Reformulated with calming and detoxifying salts, nourishing plant extracts, and essential oils that provide a full spectrum of antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory benefits. holi (bath) is enriched with natural minerals and organic compounds and helps to heal you from the outside in.

Have you tried our new formulation yet? You can buy holi (bath) here.

Love Jena x