Want airbrushed-looking skin?

Want airbrushed-looking skin?

I meet a lot of people who think that if they just buy the newest makeup or work out how to apply it better, that they will get that glow that everyone is after. The truth? Having built Agent Nateur from the ground up, I'm now confident that the key to the best-looking makeup is the best-looking base. And your base is your skin. My goal is always to create a supple, youthful, and healthy face that doesn't need me to wear heavy foundation, highlighter, or bronzer, and I really feel like I have achieved this. I'm happier with my skin than I ever have been, and my skin is so radiant on its own that now when I do wear makeup, I feel like it looks, sits, and absorbs better than ever. I always focus on light application with maximum glow and to do this, you need to understand how to prime your face correctly.

The truth is that preparing and priming your skin for makeup application goes a lot deeper than just 'using a primer', so here is my insider's guide on how to prime your skin for flawless-looking makeup; which products that I recommend to get you the ultimate glow, and how to use them. I've linked everything for you if there is anything that you want to add to your priming routine.

Ok. First up, cleansing. The first step in anyone's skincare routine should be cleansing your face to remove all dirt, oil, and impurities that may be on your face that you've picked up either through the day or overnight (remember to change your pillows regularly!). Without a proper cleansing ritual, free radicals and pollution can create a barrier between our products and skin, making skincare less effective and makeup more cakey. I'm not a big fan of over-cleansing as I think it can be pretty damaging (the oils that your body produces are important and help keep your skin barrier healthy, balanced, and well functioning), so I'll always assess in the morning how my face feels, but if I am going to put on makeup, then I will always look to cleanse first. My cleansing duo of holi (cleanse) and our acid (wash) cleanser is perfect for this.

When formulating my first cleanser, it became obvious that developing a single cleanser wouldn't be enough to get the results I know my Agent women want, so I created a double cleanse process - and it works!

I will always start with holi (cleanse), our nutrient-dense cleansing oil made up of luxury oils and plant extracts. It helps to emulsify dirt, oil, and old makeup right off the face, and because it is deeply nourishing oil-based, you can start to see the dirt melting off in a way that it doesn't with a water-based cleanser. I will also reach for the acid wash if I am preparing for a night out or traveling. It sounds harsh - but lactic acid actually hydrates your skin and helps it retain moisture - it's my favorite acid, and combined with lavender floral water, aloe leaf, and peony root extract, it works to exfoliate while also brightening gently, refining and reducing the appearance of imperfections on the skin.  

This two-step cleanse is a critical part of priming your skin for makeup. Without this two-step cleanse, you're likely layering your expensive products over remnants of old foundation, sebum, pollution, and even toxins - making your makeup less effective, and less likely to be long lasting, as well as contributing to the aging and degradation of your skin too.

Next up, resurfacing the skin - I understand that primers can help your makeup last longer, but I like to go to the source and prime my skin on a cellular level. This is why I created my holi (bright) mask that people are calling botox in a jar.

holi (bright) is my new resurfacing glass face mask that has revolutionized my skincare regime. I used to be a loyal fan of retinol and p50, but since creating this resurfacing mask, I have stopped using it for the first time in 15 years. holi (bright) resurfaces your face in a deeply hydrating, calming, and soothing manner and gives you this glow that I just don't think you can get elsewhere. The unique combination of aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber, and vitamin c give you a glasslike complexion on your face and neck (I also apply it to my wrists as well) and is the perfect base for applying high quality makeup on top. The french silk peptides in this formula absorb moisture deep into the skin and totally overhaul your skin tone, giving it the most unique and amazing glass, smooth silk-like feel. So, I believe that holi (bright) is the perfect primer for your skin and really helps it look glasslike, healthy, and glowing rather than dull and dehydrated with makeup on top.

Next up, hydrating the canvas. I like to give my skin everything it needs to be soft and supple and the perfect canvas for makeup. My holi (trinity) combination is a deeply restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois, including holi (water), holi (c) and holi (oil). You can buy these products separately or as part of the trinity bundle. 

holi (water) is the most deeply hydrating pearl and rose hyaluronic essence. Rich in pearl, rose, pitaya, and more, it soaks deep into your skin, hydrating it in a way that I adore. It helps with the appearance of fine lines by delivering the ultimate boost of hydration, and I love to spray 3 - 5 pumps of this into the palm of my hand with a small dash of holi (c). The holi (c) in the trinity reduces the appearance of acne scars and boosts skin's elasticity (I believe Vitamin C is *critical* to a radiant skin tone). On top of these two power players, the incredible holi (oil) illuminates your complexion. You can apply this as part of the trinity, or sometimes I love to add a drop or two of it to any light foundation or tinted moisturizer I use because it just adds to the radiance of the makeup look.

And finally, don't overlook your eyes. I find that the eye creases and smile lines can often soak and dry up (especially when dehydrated, traveling or in AC) and this can accentuate these lines and ruin the application of your makeup. For me, the most important thing to do to avoid this is to keep the eye crease area moist, primed and hydrated and I love prepping it with the Agent holi (glow) eye serum.

The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your whole body so I wanted to formulate a gentle formula that goes on like a gel, but dries like a balm, and deeply nourishes too. This gel glistens when you put it on! It is so perfect for priming and it is packed full of natural stimulants and illuminating plant extracts that reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while firming, lifting, and hydrating around the eyes. This is a critical part of me priming my eye socket for any makeup application. I also love adding this on top of my makeup, when applied, down the bridge of my nose and cheekbones to add an extra ethereal glow.

So friends, for me, I truly believe that the best makeup application starts days, weeks, months, and decades sooner than actually putting the makeup on your face and that looking after your skin is the key to creating and maintaining healthy, ageless skin.

For me, a double cleanse, a resurfacing mask, deep hydration, and priming are my 101 tips for creating a beautifully blank canvas for some light makeup application that is radiant, glowing and beautifully even. 

If you want to take this one step further, I'd look into lasers, acid peels, dermaplaning and microneedling, and more. I've shared some information on my top 3 laser procedures for glowing skin here.

I'd love to hear if there is anything else you do to prime your skin for the ultimate makeup application. I'm always open to thoughts and ideas. 

Love Jena