Burned Out? Try our calming adaptogen holi (youth)

Burned Out? Try our calming adaptogen holi (youth)

I hear it all the time.. It's not uncommon for many of us to say things like “ I am burnt out” after long periods of extended mental, emotional, or physical stress. We live in a world where being busy all the time .. doing all the things.. Is considered normal and for some of us, being busy all the time and overexerting ourselves is a trauma response as we just can't sit still to just be with our thoughts, emotions and stillness. If you don't have a million things to do, how does that make you feel? Uncomfortable? Unproductive? Unworthy? Not enough? I think this whole year has really shun a light on how uncomfortable we all are without distractions.. Sitting in all our discomforts, finally taking a breath and realizing WOW i’m overly stressed and burnt out.

When we are stressed out the body pumps out cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine into our systems. That “HIT” can actually become addictive to some people. Once we become accustomed to higher degrees of stress, it may seem necessary to feel that way all the time. The brain will seek more “ feel good” chemicals in order to maintain the same level of stress just like any addiction requires higher amounts overtime. Prolonged stress however takes a toll on our physical and mental health. That pretty soon becomes the burn out stage and that's when our bodies start to see all the downfalls.  

The first symptoms of burnout include exhaustion, insomnia, anger, sadness, depresion, headaches and memory impairment. If you dont support the body in times of stress the body starts to break down.

One way I have been supporting my body is with my holi (youth) formula. Guys, this product has supported me in the most stressful times of my life. The main ingredient in holi (youth) is a herb called holy basil. This Herb acts as an adaptogen which means it helps the body adapt to the stress you are dealing with. Holy basil helps lower your cortisol levels and in effect lower your blood sugar levels ( Goodbye to those stress cravings), it supports your immune function by increasing T helper and natural killer cell activity, works as an anti inflammatory, helps reduce your blood pressure, Supports the liver ( stress is SO hard on the liver), supports candida overgrowth (we all know stress modulates the gut and lets candida take over) and overall just helps make me feel more calm and at ease. I also formulated this with pearl powder which is rich in all the calming minerals such as calcium and magnesium. We need adequate amounts of Magnesium in our bodies as it helps maintain proper GABA levels in our brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel calm and relaxed, stimulates various receptors in our brains related to serotonin which regulates our moods and it also helps you sleep amazing!  

If you haven't tried our holi (youth) formula yet, I swear you are missing out! Who couldn't use the extra support right now?