Alexis Smart gives us the DL on flower essences for recovery

Alexis Smart gives us the DL on flower essences for recovery

We spoke with Alexis Smart, founder of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies, to learn all about vibrational medicine. Alexis explains that the body has an innate self-healing mechanism and that by working on the subtle bioenergetic field, and treating the emotional state, physical healing follows. Alexis also talks to us about her custom blends of flower essences, the role emotions play in aging, and her anti-aging flower remedy, Beauty Formula No. 8, which she created to heal the underlying emotional causes of aging.

 Alexis, can you tell us about what you do?

I am the founder and creator of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies, a line of custom blended universal flower remedy formulas based on the healing system of Dr. Edward Bach.  I have been a Bach flower remedy practitioner for about 20 years and a classical homeopath for ten years. After years of seeing people one-on-one, I created a line of combination flower remedies that are the closest thing you can get to a custom remedy. I also do custom blend personal flower remedy consultations.

You used homeopathy to cure a serious illness in your 20’s. Can you tell us about that?

Yes, I got very sick while traveling in Egypt. I had high fevers with bursting headache, shaking chills, delirium, and bone pain. Terrible symptoms that later I learned were most likely malaria. I continued getting sick after my return and the conventional medical people I consulted not only couldn’t give me a diagnosis but were very arrogant in their dismissal of my symptoms. I found that “I don’t know” was not something they could admit. So, they made the patient (me) wrong. Not one of the docs asked me if I had been traveling before I became sick. I was suffering for about five years, losing weight, had anxiety, cystic acne and became hypersensitive to all foods and the environment.

Finally, I saw a classical homeopath who had worked in India and Africa, and he said it was most likely malaria but that it didn’t matter if I had a blood test to confirm it. He explained that homeopathy doesn’t work that way. It uses the patient’s specific symptoms to guide the remedy selection and also, the name of the disease is not important, because they treat the person, not the disease. He gave me one dose of some little pills I put under my tongue, and I had an overnight cure, literally! The fevers never came back, and my skin cleared, and I got my strength back.  That’s when I knew I wanted to become a homeopath.

How did you get involved with creating flower essences?

As most healers I know that have a real calling, I had a profound healing myself from flower remedies. Around the same time I came back from Egypt, I was suffering a lot emotionally and again, had sought help with all sorts of therapists, regular and alternative healers, but nothing really helped. Then I tried a flower remedy and in three weeks I was back to my old self. I knew I had found my calling. I always wanted to help people and was drawn to the healing arts, but none really felt compatible until I discovered the flowers. I started studying, then treating people, and slowly over some years, my product line was born. It happened so naturally, out of the pure love and curiosity for what I was doing. I started with one or two formulas, then added to my line as I learned from my clients which remedies worked for certain conditions. It took 18 years to arrive at what I have now (I think I have 26 formulas).

How do flower essences work?

Similar to homeopathy and acupuncture, flower remedies are in the class called “vibrational medicine,” meaning it works on the subtle, bioenergetic field. They flood you with the positive vibrations you need to overcome a negative emotional state. So, in most of the conventional medical models, we use drugs to suppress symptoms. With flower remedies, rather suppressing, we do the opposite. If you had depression for example, rather than suppressing the emotions of the person, the flower remedy would flood them with a joyful feeling and optimism, whereby the depression would lift.

Using flower remedies as a therapy, the philosophy behind them is that we treat the layers of emotional blockages which are covering our true nature. Over time taking these remedies, you feel a slow and certain return to your true self and begin to live according to the dictates of your higher soul, rather than what convention, society, or family programming tells you to do. There is a real freedom once you experience this.

Can you talk about the mind/ body connection?

Now that I have been doing this work so long, I don’t even see it as a mind/body connection. I see the organism of the human being as being one expression of the mind, body, and spirit, with no separation. That said, from my personal history and now seeing hundreds of people, I can say with certainty that a human being who is happy and not having to suppress a great deal of themselves, will generally be very healthy physically. If they do get sick, they will likely get over it quickly. Someone suffering from shock or long-term intense suffering will often manifest physical symptoms. They may think they are not related, but in my practice, about 98% of the time, I can trace back a physical illness to a death/loss, heartbreak or living under adverse conditions for a long time.  

You’ve created an anti-aging flower essence. What role do emotions play in aging?
Emotions are huge. Our mothers were right when we made a frown and they said “Don’t make that face. It will stick like that!” When people use Botox, they are essentially removing the long-term effects of chronic unhappiness from their faces. That’s why they look fresh and young after. So, with my Beauty Formula No.8, I am giving people remedies to help them naturally relax their face and bring back the innocent and rosy complexion of youth.

 Which emotions do you find accelerate aging?

Constant frustration and stress can show up as the 11 lines in the forehead, tension and held anger can be tension in the jaw and a pursed mouth. All this and unhappiness in general can lead to sallow complexion. Fear and stress are big agers. They can lead to hair thinning, dry skin, weight gain, early gray hair. So many things.  

Are there emotions that reverse aging?

I think gratitude is the biggest one for reversing aging. It’s the opposite of bitterness, which is a big ager.

What physical and emotional changes do people notice after taking your anti-aging flower essence?

The first thing they tell me is that they feel very relaxed and a kind of go with the flow feeling. They notice this is their faces too. That their faces instantly look less tense and lined.

They report more physical energy. It is a very restorative remedy so it can be a good tonic for anyone who feels super depleted.

They say that people start commenting, even before they themselves notice a difference, and say “You look great! What have you been doing?” They report clear skin, brighter under eye area. Then emotionally, they notice they look in the mirror and start seeing their own beauty, thinking “hey, actually my body looks pretty good. I am not going to hide it.” Or that they feel pretty and start wearing less makeup. They say ironically, their skin is better, and they look better but suddenly they don’t care how they look. This remedy takes the focus off of yourself so you can enjoy life and other people, which is a very attractive quality. A kind of carefree attitude about yourself. 

How long do flower essences take to work?

They can work immediately for certain situations. If you have had a recent shock or stress, the remedies can work in minutes. For long term issues, it takes about 3-4 weeks of regular dosage to notice changes.

What benefits do people notice after starting your flower remedies?

The biggest thing I hear is that whatever challenge had previously been running someone’s life and seemed like the cause of their problems, no longer seemed to have any impact. While externally nothing had changed, internally the person could view the issue as neutral, and it no longer affected them negatively.

Then there is just so much they do for personal growth, more confidence, self-love, career changes, creative bursts, finding true love (not choosing unhealthy partners anymore), feeling beautiful, connecting to true purpose.

Physically, people return looking brighter and healthier, report making better food choices, desiring to move their body and exercise. But out of joy, rather than self-punishment. A lessening of stress related physical ailments like migraines, PMS, allergies, back pain etc.

What’s great about the remedies is that people can go as far and as deep as they want when working with them. You can use remedies to help you get out of a crisis or acute situation in your life or like many of my clients, they can be used very consciously to assist in manifesting all the things you want in life.