A Cord Cutting Ritual

A Cord Cutting Ritual

Understanding the energetic drivers behind life, relationships, and even health conditions has been a really eye-openingjourney for me over the past few years. How energy, trapped emotions, and stored trauma can impact our mind, body, and soul is something that still gets overlooked, but if you or anyone you know has broken up with a loved one and just can't seem to get over them or get them out of their head, energetic cords - and cutting them - is something you need to know about. It's really important to be intentional about separating your energy from this person as soon as you feel ready to do so.

The impact of energy on the body and brain has now been detected in the brain and shown on brain scans. Brain scanning is also currently studying the frequency, size, and type of brain waves that our brain emits when feeling certain emotions.

Energy is everywhere. Every cell, every tissue, every organ, and every piece of matter is made up of atoms and electrons. Together, they form an energy system that underlies our body's physical system, creating the 'human energy field'.

When you're connected to someone, you have invisible strands of energy that connect you to them because you share energy and have shared energetic moments with them. Sometimes people are scared of cord cutting, but you don't need to be. You don't feel anything, and nothing terrible will happen. It is just an act of taking back your power from another person, removing their energetic influence and impact over you, and restoring your energetic boundaries. It can help you with moving on and the healing process.

Where your energetic cord connects into you is different for every person. Active, energetic connections most often connect to the head, the heart, the gut and the pelvis between people but can also connect into your chakras, too as well as being 'around you' rather than just 'on you'. Negative energy - or an energetic cording - can be detected through physical symptoms.

When you start feeling heavy and negative emotions, feelingsand sensations, it's time to start looking at cord cutting because you know that this is no longer supporting your higher purpose. They may throw you off your normal functioning and leave you feeling exhausted, out of balance, and not positive or energized at all. They may make you think about someone repeatedly or 'not be able to get them out of your head'. They may show up in sexual dysfunction, issues with your period and/or pelvis, and depending on the intensity of the cord and the type of energy, you can even feel physical pain or symptoms that you may not have experienced before.

Visualization is a huge part of cord cutting, but I'm going to take this one step further by telling you how you can do a ritual for cutting the cords too.

So, here is my 8 step process to cutting these cords on your own, if you don't have help from a practitioner or healer to assist you: 

1. Prepare your tools - get 2 thin candles, 8 - 10 inches of twine, 2 small bowls of sea salt, any crystals you have or want to use, a photo or representation of the other person, and a fireproof bowl. 
2. Prepare your space - find somewhere you feel calm, peaceful and undisturbed. If indoors, smudge the area with sage or palo santo to purify the space. Find a comfortable place to sit, ideally with a hard surface in front of you like a table, rather than being on a bed. Turn off your phone, light a non-intrusive incense, or dab a calming essential oil onto your skin (being mindful that both of these smells could trigger distracting memories). 
3. Start the ritual - twist the twine three times around each other, and then loop the end of the twine onto each of your candles. Then put both of your candles into the bowls of salt and light them (you need to make sure you have enough salt in the bowls to make them stand up). Ask for help from your energetic spirit guides and ancestors to help you with the ritual.
4. Light the candles and start your visualization. Breathe deeply and begin to slow your breathing and your heart rate. Put your hand onto your heart if it helps you to connect with yourself. Start to tune into your own energy, as well as their energy too. 
5. Next, pick up the photograph of the person you are cord cutting with, lower it onto one of the candle flames, and try to feel deep compassion for the good times you shared when it burns. Recite out loud -" [person's name], thank you for the experiences we shared and the lessons I learned from you. This portion of our soul contract is now complete, and I release you from my energy field"
6. When the photo has burned (be careful of your fingers), drop the ashes into the bowl and watch the candles burn. Sit there visualizing the two of you no longer connected or touching but instead in your own energy fields that are separate from each other. As the twine burns, you can say, 'I release the ties that bind me and [person's name]” while visualizing again your energy being returned to you. You can also envisage the energetic chord between you being physically cut by you in whatever way your body is called to imagine the cutting. 
7. Allow the candles to burn completely and sit in the ritual space while this happens. Envisage your own body and energy untouched and fully circling you with no intrusions. Discard the wax and then pour all of the salt into a water source. If you're in the city, down the toilet will work, too - and when you do this, visualize that this is the final washing away of the person's energy. 
8. Finish the ritual - sit back down, connect with yourself, thank your spirit team for holding space for the ritual, and then wash your hands - ready for the next chapter of your life without this energetic cord. 

If you have crystals, selenite and black tourmaline are great for absorbing the negative energy from the cord cutting ceremony and you can put these into the salt bowls too to help absorb the energy too. 

I hope that the above is helpful for you if you are looking to cut cords with someone from your past, or someone from your present that is causing you pain or discomfort. I've always heard people talking about cord cutting but I never found it easy to understand exactly what you should be doing, or how. 

With love and healing, 

Jena x