Agent Woman Kerry Pieri

Agent Woman Kerry Pieri

Agent Woman

[ey-juhnt woo m-uh n]


A woman who embodies the spirit of truth, authenticity, and ingenuity. She lives her potential, embracing her unique gifts and shining her light to consciously create a better world. As an Agent of beauty and inspiration, she is a woman admired by our founder, Jena Covello.

Meet Agent Woman, Kerry Pieri. As Harper’s Bazaar’s Digital Fashion Director, Kerry has styled and creative directed celebrity features such as Paris Hilton and Khloe Kardashian. The New York based mom of one, is also a talented artist and sells her paintings on her website,

Name: Kerry Pieri

Instagram: @kerrypieri

Daily Uniform: A cashmere sweater and baggy jeans.

AM ritual: A glass of water with lemon, a half hour meditation on my higher dose PMF infrared mat, followed by coffee with my daughter and husband before I start the workday. 

PM wind down: Read with my daughter and put her to sleep, journal or pull tarot cards, a bath with Epsom salt, watch a little TV or read a book that makes me smile, shorter night meditation back on the mat. 

Something that puts you in a good mood: Listening to my husband and daughter laugh together, good music, finding a great piece of vintage furniture. 

Something that’s inspiring you at the moment: Beautiful interior design, female entrepreneurs, and old school ski looks. 

Best advice you’ve ever received: Be here now.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: My husband Steve Macari is a health coach, so I mostly take note from him! I have been more in the spiritual/emotional/healing realm than physical the last year or so, so I’d say Eckhart Tolle, Debbie Ford, and Joe Dispenza have recently been most impactful. 

Favorite wellness/beauty treatment: I recently did the Ayurvedic Grounding Ananda massage at Inns of Aurora upstate and it was magical. I also love an infrared sauna and a Joanna Czech facial because you instantly look better.

Go-to stress remedy: Breathwork. My sister recently became a practitioner. 

Supplements you can’t live without: Megaspore probiotic, a good vitamin C, Thorne vitamin D/K2, zinc because I’m always deficient.

Three things you’re really into right now: Vintage furniture dealers, human design, and manifestation. 

Top three favorite shops: I’m a digital girl: Mytheresa, Forom shop, and Farfetch are my recent go-tos.

Top three favorite Instagram accounts: I only started following interiors influencer @arvinolano in the last few months but his account is like a breath of fresh air. @dossevia has astro accounts for each sign and I live for my @knowvirgo updates I also love @thediaryofagoddess, Esther T, for daily affirmations. 

Go-to for inspiration: I really do love Instagram for visual inspiration and art museums when I can get to them!

Your ultimate indulgence: Travel. We took a family trip to Etereo in Riviera Maya last month and we were all so happy. 

Must-have Agent Nateur product: The new brightening vitamin c mask is epic, and I love the black deodorant, it smells amazing.