Agent Advice with Jena - Your top 10 hair and skin challenges: how to solve them

Agent Advice with Jena - Your top 10 hair and skin challenges: how to solve them

I wanted to check in with the top 10 conditions that people are always asking about the most so that I can give you my recommendations for each of these conditions and which products work best together. 

I answer lots of these on my Instagram account, as well as the Agent Instagram account, but I wanted to get these up in blog format so that they can stay up here to help everyone.

Since founding Agent Nateur, I have lived, breathed, and seen a lot of skin conditions (as well as experiencing and living through so many of my own personal health experiences and conditions).

I have really tried and tested every combination of products under the sun so this information is gold dust for anyone who is suffering. 

I am suffering with’....

Melasma and dark spots

For melasma and dark spots, I would say to start with the acid (wash) [our lactic based cleanser], then apply holi (water) [our pearl and rose hyaluronic essence] in combination with holi (c) [our calcium & vitamin c duo], then follow with holi (oil) [our refining ageless face serum] and a moisturizer of your choice.

I would always advise leaving our new mask, holi (bright) on overnight and rinse it off in the AM.

The changes in melasma and dark spots that I have seen after people have started on this regime are nothing short of miraculous so this is the perfect combo for you.

Fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, or dry skin?

For these types of skin conditions, the holi (bright) resurfacing glass mask is going to be your best friend.

Again, leave the mask on overnight and rinse in the AM, before applying the holy (trinity) combination and then using our holi (glow) ageless eye serum.

The eye serum can be used before or after you apply make-up, depending on the type of look that you want, and can also be used on your lips and your face, as well as your eye area. 

I would also recommend taking holi (mane) every day here to overhaul the general health of your skin and help to recover from dryness, dehydration, and sun damage. It will also help your hair out too. 

Acne-prone or oily skin?

I get asked this question a lot.

When you’re struggling with acne, the key here is to get to a point where you can balance out the skin’s composition and oil levels. It’s the same problem for dry skin as well - just the reverse problem.

If you have acne-prone or oily skin I would skip the cleansing stage in the morning and consider looking deeper into your acne - working to heal it from the inside, as well as focusing on the outside. 

I would always start by asking yourself is your acne hormonal driven? Then, can you make changes to your diet by limiting nuts, dairy, eggs, red meat, and tuna? These are super high in testosterone and should go if you’re suffering from hormonal acne. I would also look into taking a DIM supplement if you are still suffering. ( Please Check in with a Functional Medicine Doctor before Self Supplementing)

Are you experiencing a high toxic load and these toxins are coming out through your skin? Does your body need help with detoxification?

In terms of product and topical application, I would focus on using holi (water) and holi (c) religiously.

Holi (oil) is another option. To be totally transparent, it either completely helps overhaul acne or it can trigger so test this out before trying a full-sized product. You can test out holi (oil) in a sample which is the best way to start.

Come nighttime, use the lactic-based acid (wash) cleanser, and then before you sleep, apply the holi (bright) mask - leaving overnight - and (rinsing off the AM).

Rinse and repeat, over and over again, until you start to see a change.

Acne scars, scars on your face, chest or back, age spots, wrinkles?

Our holi (oil) [our refining ageless face serum] is perfect for all things scarring, as well as anti-aging.

Just want to ‘get the glow’?

If you don’t have any specific skin concerns (no acne, no dry skin, no scarring) but are just looking to generally brighten your skin, complexion, and appearance - all and any of the Agent Nateur will be able to help you they have all been formulated to brighten - but holi (bright) [the resurfacing glass mask] will give you the quickest results and we also love the eye serum for a glow.

The holi (trinity) also brightens generally and the acid (wash) will be good for this too.

Other areas of the body - dry skin, stretch marks, scars, cellulite, acne on your chest or back?

I get asked quite a lot about whether the products can be used on the body, as opposed to the face - and the answer is yes!

I would look at using holi (water) and holi (c) if you are struggling with acne on your chest or back - this seems to be quite common.

For stretch marks, scars, and dry skin, I’d advise using holi (body), our body oil, on your body. I prefer to apply it to wet skin (just when you’re out of the shower or bath ideally) and using it over time will help you firm up, soften up, and melt away your stretch marks and scars.

This product is also totally fine if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and can be a beautiful moment of mum self-care in the middle of the chaos!

Hair loss, fragile nails, thin and weak and brittle hair?

If this is you and you’re struggling with generally weak nails and hair, etc, you need some holi (mane) in your wellness.

I’d advise taking holi (mane) every day and watching over a period of 3+ months how this consistent incorporation of the product starts to show up in your hair, nails, and skin.

The pearl powder is a dream.

Dry, flat, frizzy, dull hair?

If you are just experiencing a lack of general ‘life’, gloss, and glow in your hair then our newest hair (silk) peptidestyling serum is perfect for nurturing soft, smooth, and shiny hair.

Our hair (silk) peptides are unique from other hair oils because they work with your hair over time, not just for a day at a time. They are formulated with french silk peptides, hyaluronic acid, and monoi - ingredients that hydrate, revive and soften your hair, without the use of harsh silicones - which is something I am SO proud of because silicones really damage your hair in the long term.

After washing your hair, apply a few drops of the silk peptide serum to the ends of your hair and then blow-dry and style. I love to use it on air-dried hair too, it brings my waves back and totally takes the frizz out.

I would use this in combination with holi (mane) as well to promote long-term growth and hair health.

Hair thinning / baldness / alopecia? Itchy / dry scalp? Hair loss? Dry / brittle hair? Split ends?

Our newest treatment oil formulation - holi (locks) is formulated for these types of hair challenges - a combination of scientifically backed, active, patented ingredients mixed with luscious ayurvedic oils.

Remember, this is not a styling serum, this is a treatment oil. Leave it on overnight or apply to wet hair and air dry. You need to wash it out afterward. Then, focus on applying to your scalp, massaging throughout the rest of your hair.

I would advise using this 3 - 4 times per week for at least three - four months to see active regrowth of hair. Supplement with holi (mane) throughout this process for optimum results.

 Mature skin or menopausal?

If you have mature skin and are 50+ then the holi (trinity) combination, the cleanser duo, and the holi (bright) mask is going to be your savior. On top of this, you should be focusing on taking holi (mane) every day.

If you are also experiencing the challenges of a moderate to severe hormonal imbalance, the onset of menopause, are maybe taking antibiotics or any other prescription medication, you might be experiencing a dry intimate area that can really get into the way of your enjoyment of life.

If this is you, apply holi (sex) intimate oil to your intimate areas are exiting the shower or bath to hydrate you - and use it whenever you want to engage in an act of self-intimacy, self-love and self-worship too.


I hope this is helpful! For all products, head to our shop here.  

Love Jena x