Glazing With Peptides

Glazing With Peptides

Hailey Bieber isn’t the only one obsessing over her peptide glaze because the truth? Agent got there first! Peptides are key player in our holi (bright) resurfacing face mask that has revolutionized my skincare regime and today I’m going to talk about one of the key ingredients in the product that helped me step away from my retinol, prescription Retin-A and p50 for the first time in decades. It’s crazy, but this product really, really works.  

The mask is so calming. I leave it on overnight and remove it the next morning (which I aim to do at least 3 times a week) and the next day I can visibly see that it has reduced the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores on my face, neck and hands. This mask gives your face (or wherever you apply it to) a glass-like appearance that is the perfect base for glowy, glistening skin whether you want to add makeup or go out bare faced. Since spending time in Europe this summer, it’s been such an important part of my skincare regime and I would never travel without it.

The impact that this has had on my skin has been revolutionary but everyone always asks me HOW it can be so good and why it slides on with such a thick, glass like texture. Packed full of natural nutrients, and coming in the cutest pot with a white application brush, I’m not alone in thinking that our holi (bright) mask is a total game-changer.

One of the reasons that this product keeps selling out is that it is full of french, silk peptides. They are so incredible and the secret weapon in this product. Like with all of my products, the ingredients are the highest quality and my 100% natural silk proteins are derived from the best of the best silkworm cocoon. They are the ultimate in luxury and also a *major* for hydration of the skin that delivers the silkiest, softest, smoothest finish. 

Some of my favorite facts about the silk peptides that make them SO good at what they do, is that they are:

Collagen stimulators because the silk peptides act as messengers within the body. They communicate with your body to encourage it to produce more elastin and collagen which helps to fight against the aging process;
The ultimate hydrator because the peptides are made up of big proteins known as oligopeptides, and small aminos, working together to hydrate at a cellular level and together, they work to retain moisture.
Resistant to ultraviolet rays (even going as far as to absorb and deflect them), helping to not only protect against the sun but also prevent against aging or photo-damaged skin; and
Anti-microbial, meaning that the mask can help to fight against the buildup of bacteria on the skin which in turn can help to reduce the likelihood of breakouts.

The French Silk Peptides are amazing for all types of skin and that means that this mask can be used for anyone, of any age and skin type and works to overhaul your skin tone for all.  

These French silk peptides help the skin to retain moisture, helping skin to look visibly younger, delivering a dewy glow, as well as illuminating skin tone, stimulating collagen production and working alongside aloe vera in the product to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My skin looks visibly younger, revitalized and refreshed and I know that I’m not alone in thinking that.

The reason I’m focusing on silk peptides is because they are powerful and I love bringing new products to the market and into your skin care regime.

Has holi (bright) overhauled your complexion too? I’d love to hear from you!

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Jena x