Nateurious Episode 104: Matt Bilinsky on How PC Culture is Corrupting Mainstream Media

This week on a new episode of Nateurious, Jena Covello interviews her longtime friend, Matt Bilinsky, an LA-based attorney with a nearly perfect SAT score who is allergic to sugar coating information and addicted to calling the news as he sees it. He is fed up with the political correctness that has corrupted our culture which now feels sterile. Matt has major influence in Los Angeles and is highly respected, incredibly intelligent, humorous, opinionated, controversial and often referred to as the "Mayor of Beverly Hills". There is no doubt that he will be influencing the way Californians vote! Matt not only examines his political commentary in regards to California, but also his views with recent Covid-19 events, China’s government and the corruption within The World Health Organization. He shares his favorite twitter accounts for truthful political news on all sides of the spectrum. Because Matt and Jena both call LA their home and have seen what has transpired with special interest politics, they discuss important topics that have currently affected their community such as homelessness, citizen rights, immigration standards and much more. It’s time to listen as two outspoken personalities walk you through the current state of the world and what the future holds for us next.

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Matt Bilinsky

Matt's suggestions for truthful news: