Episode 108: June Florence On the Importance of Trusting Your Intuition In a Society Dominated By Western Medicine

Episode 108: June Florence On the Importance of Trusting Your Intuition In a Society Dominated By Western Medicine


June Florence’s personal battle with breast cancer gave her all the proof she needed to trust in her body’s intuition. After a round of chemo treatments and two lumpectomies, she followed her instinct to Maui where she pursued alternative medicine, changed her diet, and ultimately recovered.

Now, 20 years later, June owns and runs Joose, a specialty nutrition and juice shop located in Steamboat Springs, CO. She’s earned her masters degree in Live Food Medicine and uses her work as a holistic nutritionist to empower people to turn inward, listen to their bodies, and follow their own unique paths toward healing. In my personal experience with June, she’s been nothing short of an angel. 

It was my struggle with endometriosis and adenomyosis that first brought us together. After five surgeries and years of chronic pain, a Western medicine doctor recommended I have a hysterectomy and use estrogen patches for the rest of my life. Even though I had reached a point where I was willing to do nearly anything to feel better, I knew that procedure was not the right choice for me. Instead, I embraced the world of naturopathy and turned up the volume on my intuition.

Since June and I began working together, I’ve embraced a natural enzymatic treatment method called Vitalzym XE that has broken down some of the scar tissue caused by my endometriosis, resulting in pain-free monthly cycles and improved digestion. Her presence in my life has taught me so much about holistic medicine, and in this episode of Nateurious, I invite her to share her learnings with you. We cover the impact of enzymes on genetic expression and inflammation, lifestyle changes that may slow signs of aging, and the reasons you are qualified to make instinctual decisions when it comes to your own body. 

  • Contributing factors to our individual health
  • The importance of magnesium in our biochemistry
  • Recommended enzymes for boosting the immune system
  • The importance of consuming superfoods in America
  • Two mineral supplements to take every day
  • Ways to keep your immune system strong
  • The omnipotent power of Big Pharma in Western medicine
  • Practices for turning inward and learning what your body needs


Enzymes: Biocatalysts that prompt the body to engage in activities such as moving or thinking.

Mitochondria: The energy cells of the body.


Joose’s Website: http://jooseofsteamboatsprings.com/


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David Wolfe’s Website: https://www.davidwolfe.com/

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About Dave Asprey: https://blog.daveasprey.com/about-dave-asprey/

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