Episode 112: Michael Nourse On What Vedic Astrology Has To Say About COVID, American Politics, and Human Destiny.

Episode 112: Michael Nourse On What Vedic Astrology Has To Say About COVID, American Politics, and Human Destiny.

Photo by Tomas Orban

Michael Nourse is a vedic astrologer who believes his role is to create a forum where people can align with their highest selves. With a science-based mind and a passion for understanding, Michael first began studying astrology as a hobby. But once he became acquainted with his own astrological grid, it was clear that it was his destiny.

I had my first reading with Michael in late 2018, and what he told me has shaped the course of my life. At the time, I was using my social media to speak hard truths about vaccines and monsanto. This came with a lot of backlash, which is something Michael picked up on immediately when he looked at my chart. He  advised me to protect my energy and speak with diplomacy, which has since allowed me to discover new ways to use my voice that are more in alignment with who I am.

This experience gave me agency over my life and made me a true believer in vedic astrology, and I’m so excited to share Michael’s fascinating perspective with my listeners. In this episode of Natuerious, we delve into what vedic astrology is, examine my personal sessions with Michael, and learn how the planets are influencing the COVID pandemic and the political climate in the United States.

Saturn’s current position in Capricorn confirms what many of us already know: We are in a state of detox. Everything that isn’t working has been brought to light, and we’re being invited to examine our own lives and step into a new phase of consciousness and innovation. By tuning in to this natural flow, we can find deeper happiness and harmony within ourselves and with the world.


  • The differences between vedic and Western astrology
  • Why Michael introduced Jena to June Florence
  • Online bullying and its effect on physical health
  • Language’s ability to heal or harm
  • The power of language in leadership
  • The disconnection between humans and nature
  • Shifting our perspective to view death as an adventure
  • Reaching higher levels of consciousness through meditation and breathing
  • What to expect in the coming 2.5 years
  • How to care for yourself in the current climate
  • The war between Western and holistic medicine
  • What vedic astrology predicts about the upcoming progressive era


Michael’s email: wmichaelnourse@gmail.com



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