Episode 111: Touchstone Essentials Supplement Founder Eddie Stone On Reading Between The Lines In a Country Owned By Big Agriculture

Episode 111: Touchstone Essentials Supplement Founder Eddie Stone On Reading Between The Lines In a Country Owned By Big Agriculture

Eddie Stone, the CEO and Founder of Touchstone Essentials first touched my life in 1998 when his supplement seminar in Long Beach brought me to California for the first time, an experience that directly impacted my decision to move to the West Coast. His work in supplements has informed many of the choices I’ve made when formulating Agent Nateur products and inspired my insistence upon using pure ingredients.

Eddie’s understanding of vitamins, minerals, and quality sourcing has resulted in a line of superior supplements that actually work. In this episode of Natuerious, he shares how he came to found Touchstone Essentials and the principles behind their products. You’ll learn the distinct difference between vitamins found in nature and those generated in a lab, what to look out for beside a USDA Certified Label, and the top four factors that affect the quality of our food: Soil health, water quality, atmosphere, and seed quality.

Eddie is such a powerful source of knowledge, and his insight couldn’t come at a better time. He was a step ahead on allowing his employees to work from home in order to make his company more eco-friendly, and he’s been paving the way for two natural substances that are dramatically improving the health of both humans and animals: Zeolites and cannabinoids. If you have endometriosis, menstrual cramps, or any other health issue that may be exacerbated by pollutants in our environment, this episode is especially for you.


  • The reason Agent Nateur doesn’t use ascorbic acid.
  • Why vitamins have had a bad reputation in the medical community.
  • The real reason your body may not be breaking down vitamin B.
  • How the region your food comes from can affect its quality.
  • How to ensure quality when using ingredients from the United States.
  • The politics behind food displays in the grocery store.
  • The building blocks of the best tomato.
  • The silver lining in the COVID tragedy.
  • Ways to make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Why Europe doesn’t want our wheat.
  • How subsidies are affecting our organic farming and energy sources.
  • How to choose a safe, effective zeolite.
  • Recommended foods to feed your body’s microorganisms.
  • The scientific benefits of CBD and how it affects the body.


Chelation Therapy: A treatment that uses medicine to remove metals from the blood.

QAI: Quality Assurance International, a testing, inspection and certification partner.

Zeolites: A natural mineral that has a basic negative charge and attracts environmental pollutants in the body.

GRAS Status: Generally Recognized As Safe for consumption from the FDA.

Endocannabinoid System: The communications medium for mind and body.


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