Cocobakes gluten free cinnamon buns topped with salty chewy collagen peanut butter nICE cream

This is one treat you don't want to miss! You can watch me make it here

This vegan collagen nICE cream sandwich is as good as the real thing! Ice cream takes a while to make, this is so easy! This recipe is just as delicious as real ice cream and so much healthier! The best part is that the sugar source is bananas!

Salty Chewy Collagen Peanut Butter nICE Cream Recipe:

3 frozen bananas

1 canned coconut milk solidified cream top (the cream top yields the best consistency for ice cream) You want to scoop the cream part off of the top and add to the blender

Then add just 2 tablespoons of the liquid watery part of the canned coconut milk

1/4 cup peanut butter

1 scoop holi (mane)

1 pitted date

3 pinches pink Himalayan sea salt

Blend 1 banana at a time with the coconut milk in a food processor or blender until smooth (this will take a couple of minutes). Add the second frozen bananas and blend, then add the third and blend.
Then add the peanut butter, holi (mane), date and salt, and blend until smooth.
Place in a freezer-safe bowl or loaf pan and freeze for at least 30 minutes.

Once frozen, toast your Cocobakes cinnamon buns until they are toasty and brown. Butter them with your choice of regular or vegan butter. I like this vegan butter. Then add a couple scoops of the nICE cream to the buns and top with sea salt and cinnamon. Enjoy!