Your gut-skin axis

Your gut-skin axis

Your skin is a vital functioning organ. In fact it is your largest organ in your body. If you are experiencing skin conditions it’s a warning sign of something deeper. 

I love the systems approach to healing. This approach looks at the body as a whole because your skin is the first place symptoms show up ! What you see on your skin is a symptom not a ROOTCAUSE. 

YOUR GUT SKIN AXIS- So what's on the Deeper level ? Your gut and skin have an intricate connection. 

Things to look out for when dealing with skin conditions: 

GUT DYSBIOSIS-a microbial imbalance, too many bad bacteria invading the good. Overgrowth of yeasts/parasite infections. Chronic low grade infections will lead to continual inflammation of the Gut and therefore show up on your skin. 

LEAKY GUT- A breach of your guts defence system allowing undigested food particles and bacteria to make their way to the blood, causing an inflammatory response throughout your body. (Dysbiosis, sibo, and low stomach acid will all lead to this) 

SIBO-Small Intestinal overgrowth that happens when bacteria from the colon grows in the small intestines where it doesn't belong. 

HYPOCHLORHYDRIA - This is a decrease in stomach acid that is shown to be in those suffering from acne and rosacea. (this usually happens when your digestion is off and mostly because of stress) 

Where can you start in your skin healing journey? 

Avoid anything that damages your gut! This is everything from the products you put on your skin to the foods you put in your body. These are the inflammatory foods such as dairy, sugar, vegetable oils, refined foods, processed meat, excessive alcohol, foods laced in glyphosate. Get a food sensitivity test to see if you have underlying food sensitivities that you may not be aware of. Make sure your skincare products are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. I created The entire Agent line with this in mind . Everything that goes on your skin ends up in your bloodstream. Using products that are chemical free is so important to the health of our skin and our bodies. 

Use food medicine to heal your gut/skin axis. Bone broth is amazing; it's rich in amino acids that heal. FERMENTED VEGETABLES like sauerkraut and kimchi and are rich in probiotics that feed your gut microbiome. BITTERS are a herbal tonic that heals chronic infections and helps balance stomach acid production. KEFIR is rich in probiotics . COD LIVER OIL has skin healing vitamins such as vit A along with omega fats. COCONUT OIL is antimicrobial. LIVER is the most bioavailable nutrient dense food on the planet. 

By Sarah Murphy