We spoke with visionary injector Dr. Daniel Moghadam, founder of Modern Aesthetica. Don’t miss this.

We spoke with visionary injector Dr. Daniel Moghadam, founder of Modern Aesthetica. Don’t miss this.

We spoke with visionary injector Dr. Daniel Moghadam, founder of Modern Aesthetica, (who Jena believes is one of the best in the world) to find out about all the latest treatments in anti-aging and aesthetics. The Los Angeles based PDO Thread Lift expert, shares his favorite anti-aging procedures, including the PRP vampire facial (actress Erin Moriarty is a fan), PDO Thread Lifts and RF Microneedling. We also discuss the best way to breakdown cellulite, get rid of sun damage, as well as his at home skincare tips.

What’s the most popular procedure in your office for anti-aging?

The PRP facial is the most popular anti-aging treatment in my office. Its natural, subtle, and helps rebuild collagen and tighten pores. I recommend one every 3-4 months to help with general skin anti-aging.

Can you tell us more about PRP? How does it work?

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is essentially the concentrate of plasma that is separated from whole blood that contains platelets, and other proteins that help generate controlled accelerated healing when introduced with micro trauma or injection.

Which procedure do you usually recommend to clients for when they first start noticing signs of aging?

It really depends on the individual patient’s skin dexterity. I avoid recommending a one stop treatment for all patients as their skin tone, ethnicity, sun exposure, eating habits etc. contribute to the aging they experience. My personal favorite that produces great results in a wide range of clients is Radiofrequency Microneedling.  

The PDO Thread Lift has become very popular as a non-invasive alternative to a facelift. Can you explain how it works?

PDO Thread Lifts involve using absorbable sutures to help with skin lifting and volume. As the suture breaks down, it contracts and forms a collagen band to help maintain the lift. It’s a great procedure in the right hands with the right patient. Patient selection is important in the efficacy of the procedure as well as practitioner experience.

What is the recovery like for the PDO Thread Lift?

A minimum of 10 days no strenuous activity, sleeping on your back (which you should opt for anyway to avoid mashing your face into a pillow generally), no anti-inflammatories for a few days. The recovery is pretty easy, there is mild swelling that others will not notice, with a slight zapping sensation for up to 2 weeks as the threads engage.

Does the PDO Thread Lift have any long-term benefits?

This is hard to say, but in all honesty it is very unlikely. Some patients see a long-term benefit from threads, and some see the benefit during the duration of the threads and go back to normal after. Think of PDO as the third arm in a minimally invasive aesthetics regimen, the first two being Botox and of course, hyaluronic injectables.

What is your favorite procedure for boosting collagen production?

RF Microneedling in combination with PRP

What is the best way to remove skin tags and moles? Are you able to remove them without any scaring?

This is very patient dependent, given how a person scars is completely individual. It is also dependent on the area of the body, the stress forces of the skin, and obviously patient compliance with aftercare.

Can you tell us about the body sculpting treatments you offer? Are these effective for eliminating cellulite as well?

 RF Microneedling has shown promise for breaking down cellulite, especially when used in combination with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Which treatments are most effective at repairing sun damage and liver spots?

IPLs (Intensed Pulse Light) are a great minimally invasive way to treat sun spots. CO2 lasers are also great at this, but are much more invasive, costly, and have significantly more downtime. The best way to treat these is obviously prevention. Wear your sunscreen and your hats!

Can liver spots fully be removed? How many sessions does it usually take?

Liver spots are the body’s response to overexposure to UV light over time. Removal of them is the same as when you get sun spots or hyperpigmentation. They can be fully removed the same way sun freckles or sun spots can, if you treat them ASAP. i.e. retinols, hydroquinone, and laser therapy. The longer they stay, and the more you get, the difficulty in full removal increases.

What at home treatments or skincare routines do you like to recommend to your clients?

I always stress the M.R.S. routine and facial exercise. Moisturize, Retinol, Sunscreen! It’s basic but if you keep these 3 things as your skincare building blocks, then you can tailor other serums/products to your skin type. You’ve heard it a thousand times before I’m sure but if you don’t have a good basic routine down from the jump, you can buy all the highly priced well marketed creams and serums in the world and it won’t turn back the damage of long term dehydration and sun exposure. Retinol also does wonders in improving overall skin balancing (tone, pores, fine lines). Facial exercise can be done with a jade roller, gua sha stone, or your fingers going in upwards motions on the neck, jawline, and cheeks. This can be done in the moisturizing stage of your routine. Your face is just like your body, facial exercise keeps it tight, healthy, and youthful!