Xell Calderer teaches us the difference between gravity and forced pressure colonics

Xell Calderer teaches us the difference between gravity and forced pressure colonics

Photo by Mt Rainier Clinic

Gravity Colon therapist, Xell Calderer, talks to us about the incredible benefits of Gravity Colonics. She explains why Gravity Colonics are better than the traditional forced-pressure system colonics and their importance when it comes to maintaining our health. She also talks about their beauty benefits which include an immediate and often dramatic reduction in bloating, flatter stomach, brighter and tighter skin, rosier cheeks, and a more youthful complexion.

Xell, you got into colon cleansing from a young age. What drew you to colon cleansing? 

I often say that I was meant for this work. I had mood and gut issues growing up, and often felt constipated and irritable. I ate a lot of junk food and was addicted to sugar. I didn't make the connection between lifestyle and well-being until I was about 16 when I stayed with an aunt in Mexico. She was a truly healthy vegetarian, and I felt great eating her food. After that trip, I started visiting local health food stores back in Vancouver and reading local health magazines. I loved educating myself and applying the concepts I was learning. I had been cooking and prepping food for my family since I was 8, so I was able to take all this newfound knowledge and incorporate it into the meals I was making every day. My mother used to comment on how impressed she was that I could whip up a healthy meal in virtually minutes. This was back in the old days when tofu and broccoli were considered the typical "health food", but still I was feeling noticeably better. I gave up dairy and started reading ingredient labels on everything I was buying (much to my mother’s chagrin). I discovered how many additives were in prepackaged foods and gained great awareness there. I then stumbled upon an absolutely wonderful bookstore called Banyen Books and Sound, in Vancouver, and it was here that I discovered the works of Dr. Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, Arnold Ehret, and more. These were old, outdated cleansing and gut wellness texts but the message was clear: to cleanse and clear obstruction from the body to allow the body to function at its best and to heal. From there, I started experimenting with cleanse programs, fasts, and home enemas. I was adventurous and curious! I had my first pressure-system colonic when I was in my early 20’s, and while it was not super eventful, I knew the importance of that work, and was fortunate to find a thoughtful therapist. I have since discovered that forced pressure colonics are not ideal or as thorough, as gravity colonics.

What inspired you to become a Gravity Colonic therapist? 

Fast forward to 2007. I had spent a few years traveling and living in India and had gained some weight and wasn’t feeling my best. I knew, from all my reading, that the way to get back on track was through diet (lots of greens) and cleansing. At this point, I was living in Connecticut and was fortunate enough to be guided to a Gravity Colonic therapist there. The session was epic. I had never, ever released so much in my previous cleansing experiences, and it was right after that intense session that I knew I had to pursue this work and offer this incredible service to others. Gravity Colonics literally changed my life.

 What is the difference between a gravity colonic and a traditional colonic?

There are several key differences between a gravity colonic and the forced-pressure system colonic, or the “box on the wall” colonics. In fact, the gravity colonic, specifically the Woods Gravity Colonic system, is the “original” and thus the true traditional colonic. A Woods Gravity colonic does what the name implies: it utilizes only the flow of gravity to allow water to enter the body. There is always a continuous inflow and outflow of water, with more emphasis on the exit of water than the intake, thus providing a much more harmonious and natural flow. The clients I see who have only experienced the pressure system are often astounded at the difference in not only comfort levels, but also how much is released. This is precisely the reason I was so drawn to this particular method; it works unlike any other system. 

You were trained in the Woods Gravity Method. What does that entail?

There is a school in Florida that specifically teaches the Woods Gravity Method, although there are now other training programs available across the country.  I was also fortunate enough to have advanced training with Michael Perrine of @everydaydetox. He is a Master Colon Therapist and detox expert. I apprenticed under him for two years. I recommend anyone interested in this work to find a Senior Therapist mentor as there are subtle intricacies to the work you can only learn by extensive experience, or by learning from someone WITH the experience.

What happens during a Gravity Colonic session?

Filtered water enters the large intestine via gravity from a tank that is located at a specific height above your body. This allows the water to flow naturally into your colon through a surgical rubber tube. The process is liberating and comfortable. There is nothing for you to do during the process. The therapist is with you throughout the entire session to assist the flow of water and momentum during the entire session. You just lay back and relax and the therapist will do the rest!

Why are colonics important?

I believe Gravity Colonics are the missing link to anyone’s healing or healthy living protocol. The colon is the major pathway for the body to release toxins and emptying the colon relieves pressure from backed up gas and waste. This rapid emptying not only flattens the tummy and reduces bloating, but it removes pressure from the skin and sinuses.  Additional benefits of Gravity Colonics are:

A euphoric feeling of lightness 

Improves mental focus, clarity, and mood

Improvement of your skin tone and health

Aids in joint mobility

Clears out sinuses and allows deeper breathing

Improves bowel tone and function 

Reduces backed up gasses from the system

Reduces bloat and flattens the tummy

What are the immediate benefits people notice after a Gravity Colonic?

There are so many! A few of the benefits are:

Flatter belly

Reduced bloating

An immediate sense of well-being and lightness

A feeling of relaxation

Because of the oxygenation and better blood flow from the decompression in the system, one can often

see an immediate tightness and brightness to the skin! 

Some people have even noticed an immediate and dramatic reduction in allergies of all kinds.

What are some of the beauty benefits that a Gravity Colonic offers?

I call Gravity Colonics the ultimate beauty treatment! Seriously! See any dedicated Gravity Therapist and you will notice they have a glow and radiance about them, especially if they are living a healthy lifestyle. Along with what I mentioned above, Gravity Colonics encourage a decompression on a cellular level, which promotes:

Brighter and tighter skin

Gravity Colonics “de-puff” the system and can literally help fight the effects of aging and gravity.

An improvement of your skin tone and health: cheeks become rosier, skin is oxygenated, eyes are brighter.

Reduces bloat and flattens the tummy, often dramatically.

These are just a few of the beauty benefits of Gravity Colonics.

Which chronic illnesses and ailments can Gravity colonics help with? 

In my experience, virtually all of them. While I can’t make any claims, I believe Gravity Colonics support the body in healing and managing chronic illness and ailments. I have encountered people who, through a combination of healthy eating and regular gravity colonics, have seen dramatic improvements in their health, in some cases even completely reversing illnesses and ailments. Colonics are not a panacea but an adjunct to a healthier lifestyle. 

How often do you recommend people get a Gravity Colonic?

It really depends on individual goals. A Gravity Colonic is like working out with a personal trainer, with each session your colon will get stronger, and this helps restore colon tone and function. I typically recommend a Gravity Colonic a minimum of two times per month (every 2 weeks) in order to maintain optimal colon health and well-being. Some people will choose to do it more often, and others less. In my experience, Gravity Colonics are an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle regimen, and most people who experience the power of this work, make it a part of their routine for the rest of their lives. I certainly plan on that!