Maderotherapy for cellulite

Maderotherapy for cellulite

Got Cellulite? Most women do. While the condition is more common in women than men, it’s estimated that about 90 percent of women deal with some sort of cellulite. The condition is caused by pockets of fat underneath the skin, pushing up against connective tissue and forming an unpleasant dimpled appearance.

While there are many treatments and products on the market claiming to be able reduce its appearance, cellulite isn’t the easiest condition to get rid of. In order to eliminate cellulite, you have to address the collagen, reduce the fat, and increase circulation.

A holistic massage technique called maderotherapy may do just that. Maderotherapy was developed in Colombia in the 90’s. It’s based on ancient massage techniques and involves the application of various wooden utensils of different shapes and sizes (madero means wood in spanish).

How it Works

Maderotherapy involves a series of frequent movements that are repeated using anatomically designed wooden tools. The application of these wooden tools onto problematic areas, enables intense pressure on fibrous cellulite, causing fat deposits to break down. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps to release accumulated toxins as well as fat deposits and cellulite. The release of toxins also helps to increase the body’s metabolism which in turn burns more fat.

Circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluid is also increased during maderotherapy. This helps to improve oxygen and nutrient flow to the skin, helping it to remain firm and tight. In fact, maderotherapy assists with more than just cellulite. It lifts and tightens the skin, sculpts the body and stimulates elastin and collagen production.


Breaks down and eliminates cellulite and fat deposits

Lifts, tones and tightens the skin

Speeds up the metabolism

Burns fat

Flushes and eliminates toxins

Promotes inch loss on treated areas

Defines, firms and sculpts treated areas

Activates lymphatic drainage

Reduces water retention

Stimulates microcirculation and blood flow

Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen

Reduces stress

Relaxes the mind and body

What to Expect

Maderotherapy is different from laser and ultrasound cellulite treatments as it does much more than just eliminate fat. The results obtained from maderotherapy typically last much longer than other treatments because it targets both the deepest layers and surface level of cellulite tissue. It’s ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage, circulation, elastin and collagen production, and flush toxins, creates longer lasting results. Of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle play an important role in long lasting results as well.

Each session typically lasts about 35-45 minutes and changes can be noticed as soon as the third session. A full cycle of 10-15 sessions is usually recommended to start seeing desired results.