Water, with cellular super-power - introducing ASEA REDOX

Water, with cellular super-power - introducing ASEA REDOX

We are living in crazy times. Our society is more toxic than ever before - with toxic air, water, soil, food sources and medications all around us.

This has been made more obvious to me than ever before since spending time in Europe this summer where my body can *finally* digest a bowl of beautiful glyphosate free Italian pasta! This is something that is definitely not possible in the States. My hormones are also completely balanced when I'm in France and my nervous system is CALM.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been learning about something cool and complex called  ‘redox signaling’ and how this is more important than ever before in today’s society.

Our genes talk to our cells, telling them how to express. This expression into our cells is then determined by communication within and between cells that influences how we, our body and our health shows up in the world. 

This is where redox signaling molecules come in.

These are produced within every single cell in our body - and with the average human having 37.2 trillion cells, this is a LOT of signaling molecules!

These redox signaling molecules either act as cellular messengers (driving communication within the body that activates your immune system) or cellular activators (telling your cells to activate antioxidants in your body).

Our health ultimately depends on a fine line between our body’s ability to balance and reduce oxidative stress (caused by today’s society, toxins, pathogens, environmental stressors, emotional stress, trauma etc) against our antioxidant defences (that the cellular activators strengthen when working properly).

When the messengers and activators don’t work like they should, our cells don’t regenerate and restore as they should, they don’t talk to each properly, our antioxidant defences are weaker than they should be, and oxidative stress wins the battle.

When this communication breakdown happens on a larger scale, we start to see the problems show up in day to day life as an increase in autoimmune diseases (such as endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s, celiac, diabetes type 1, and more), as well as hormone imbalances, chronic inflammation, pain disorders and also digestive issues.

I am fascinated by finding optimal health, healing the conditions and pain I live with, and also anti-aging (you know it's my favorite!), so that’s why I have become super interested in this new product called ASEA REDOX WATER.

Up until now, glutathione has been an important part of my wellness regime. It’s something that we talk about a lot at Agent - it is one of the strongest, most powerful antioxidants that support your liver detoxification and eradicates free radicals and poisons that we ingest, but many of us are already deficient in it (not only from our diets but also from our genetic predispositions and tendencies). On top of that, glutathione production reduces as we age.

ASEA Redox is a super cool product - it’s a cell signalling supplement developed by a Biotech firm, atomic medical physicist, and Nobel prize winner. It reactivates gene signaling pathways in the body that actually become impaired and interfered by toxins in today’s lifestyle - including, but not limited to graphene oxide toxicity.

It’s the first and only supplement out there in the wellness world that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water to deliver the body active redox signaling molecules and powerful cellular messengers.

This supplement helps your cells to increase their own glutathione production by up to 500-800% (this is huge!!!) - helping you to detox your entire body, not just of things like graphene oxide, but also of all and any other toxins circulating around your system (basically, the ultimate detoxification support!).

I’ve also heard that this water increases our cell’s capacity to detox by 4 times, and may also increase mitochondria production by up to 30% after 14 days of taking it!! I’ve learned that mitochondria production is critical to our health and so this helps to deliver more energy and firepower to our cells.

This supplement has been shown to positively affect genetic pathways and genes that then deliver a host of benefits such as:

  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Managing and maintaining a balanced and healthy inflammatory response
  • Managing and maintaining cardiovascular health and arterial health
  • Improving gut health; and
  • Modulating and balancing hormones that help to support resilience, vitality, and wellness

ASEA Redox is being referred to as the ‘water of life’ by many in the know.

I love having my finger on the pulse on the newest and most powerful additions to any wellness regime and so I’m super excited to share this with you.

For more info on how you can superpower your water from a cellular level, head to their website here.

I think we will be seeing this product a lot more in the coming years, we need all the detoxification support we can get!

Jena x