Beauty Food: Q & A with Depuravita founder Sandra Nassima

Beauty Food: Q & A with Depuravita founder Sandra Nassima

We spoke with Depuravita founder, Sandra Nassima, to learn all about her holistic beauty based supplement line. The Milan based beauty shares some of her favorite skincare ingredients which transform the skin from the inside out. Depuravita’s Collagen Chocolates for example contain ceramosides that help to plump and hydrate the skin by replenishing the skin’s water barrier and repairing cracks. And Hello Wrinkles has revolutionised skin care by preventing premature aging through the use of structured water.

Sandra, what inspired you to create Depuravita?

I worked all my life in Design Business, contemporary architecture and furniture, real estate projects etc. In 2014 I was striving for a change. I needed a shift in my personal growth.

For me, it is so important that every living creature feels loved by themselves and the people around them, and healthy by what they decide to put in their body. Of course, it is impossible to have an impact on everyone without starting by yourself. I started my mission by learning more about spiritual and nutritional healing and wellbeing through extensive research. The goal is that everyone becomes the best version of themselves through choosing the right foods and products to make them feel beautiful from the inside out. 

This inspired me to start selling a range of detox juices and smoothies, using locally sourced fruits and vegetables, in smart and sustainable packaging.

Can you tell us about the philosophy behind Depuravita?

To spread a new well being philosophy. Contribute positively to people’s lives and to show a new way of living.

I believe there are a lot of women (especially in Italy) who need guidance and awareness about nutrition and wellbeing. This is what we do, we educate and provide awareness all the time.

 What are the top three Depuravita products you can’t live without?

Currently, Absolute Glow Plus has absolutely saved my skin. I have received so many compliments on how youthful and hydrated my skin looks. I am very careful during summer with the sun, but we do a lot of hiking, and it is not always possible to protect my skin under harsh mountain conditions. I have been using this supplement since the end of June and the results are incredible.

Sleep is also an absolute staple right now. The change in season has really affected my sleeping schedule and there are some evenings where it takes me hours to fall asleep. A few drops of sleep in my evening tea have saved me from feeling like my work days go on for hours. 

Heal is a real “can’t leave without” symbiotic, extremely powerful, less is more kind of a product, which from day one has visible effects on your gut health.

What is your favorite anti-aging supplement?

Hello Wrinkles, without a doubt! This product has seriously revolutionised skincare. It’s so easy to use and is luscious for preventing premature ageing from within. Its ingredients are what make it so wonderful, but I’ll talk more about those later…

Can you tell us about Ceramosides, the active ingredient in your Collagen Chocolates?

Ah yes! Such an amazing ingredient. Ceramosides bring new phytoceramides to the skin via the bloodstream and help restore the water barrier and replenish cracks, so your skin gets more hydrated and plumped. Its action has been scientifically proven by 2 clinical studies. Each of our Collagen Chocolates contains 30mg of recommended daily dose of Ceramosides. And they are 100% vegan. ☺ 

Your Probiotic Chocolates contain a one of a kind probiotic called GandedenBC30. What makes this probiotic so special? How does it differ from other probiotics?

GanedenBC30 a « signature probiotic » formulated especially for food use. That said you cannot sell GBC 30 in the form of pills. The Bacillus Coagulans strain is particularly sturdy and resists exceptionally well, the harsh environment of our stomach, all the liquids, and acids. Ganeden BC30’s 20+ research studies confirm its safety and efficacy and its support on digestive health and immune health.

Your Hello Wrinkles supplement contains electrolytes along with collagen. What role do electrolytes play in healthy skin?

Have you ever heard about gel water? The beauty ingredient you must know.

Gel water is contained in some vegetables, chia seeds, aloe water, cacti water and other plant foods, and it makes up more than 90 percent of the water in our own bodies. To put it simply, water that comes from plants is more hydrating than regular H2O. Collagen, cells, and the fluid between our joints is made up of gel water; then assuming more gel water could help to replenish those systems, preserving our skin, hair and joints health, and hydration. The electrolytes help encourage the production of gel water. You may find today that many supplements promise this action, but we wanted to take our Hello Wrinkles beyond by first of all making it with no sugar and additives, adding 2500mg collagen peptides (marine), as well as Q10 coenzyme.

You’ve included ashwaganda in many of your supplements. Why do you like this adaptogen so much?

At Depuravita we absolutely love adaptogens! Ashwaganda, especially, is amazing for managing stress levels, boosting brain function, controlling anxiety, and even boosting fertility in men...Need I say any more? 

Your Absolute Glow Plus skin supplement contains a special ingredient from the forest, Silver Fir Branch extract. Can you tell us about its incredible skin benefits?

This Silver Fir Branch extract is an incredible ingredient as it contains 36 different polyphenols that improve the skin's overall structure and function. Polyphenols are amazing as they nearly all have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as digestive and brain health benefits. We, of course use this in our wonder product, but foods such as Red Wine and cacao extract are very rich in polyphenols.

Detoxification plays an important role in staying youthful. What are your go to detox supplements?

Nearly all of our products have detoxifying properties, however Joy Purity is definitely my favourite: it contains an algae mix, which is ideal for cleansing out the heavy metals present in our organism. However, I can’t speak about detoxification without mentioning our detox juice programmes. Nothing will make you feel better than even a 1-day juice detox to clear out the toxins from your body and regenerate your body to feel like you’re in your 20s again!

Ayurvedic detox infusion with moringa and tulsi is also a healing infusion, extremely delicate but very effective especially for liver detoxing.