Treating Melasma Naturally: Q & A with Sophie Partik (and why holi (c) works)

Treating Melasma Naturally: Q & A with Sophie Partik (and why holi (c) works)

We spoke with Sophie Partik, founder of Pimp your Prana, to get all of her tips on healing melasma naturally. After years of sun damage from living in the tropics, Sophie developed a serious case of melasma. She’s been on a mission ever since to heal her skin, documenting her impressive results on Instagram (@pimpyourprana). Her wow worthy before and after photos prove that there’s no substitute for a clean diet, and quality skincare. Sophie talks to us about the importance of cleansing your liver, high quality topical vitamin C, as well as clinical microneedling.

You’ve done an incredible job of healing your melasma naturally. Can you walk us through your protocol?

My daily routine includes my Nu Skin and a blemish foam. At night I do microneedling, use vitamin C, as well as some anti-blemish products by Environ.

What is the root cause of melasma?

Melasma has various causes. In my case it was sun damage from living in the tropics for the last 15 years and not taking care of my skin at all. Melasma can also be hormonal or from a toxic liver - meaning overuse of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Toxins come out over the skin and then burn into brown spots in the skin.

Cleansing and a clean diet has played an important role in eliminating your melasma. Can you tell us about your cleanses? How often do you cleanse?

I keep my diet quite clean. I juice a lot and eat mainly fruits, raw and vegan. I reduce my caffeine and nut intake, as these things are quite heavy on the liver. Green juices are perfect to cleanse, so I try to include them into my daily life as much as possible. 

Can you tell us what a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner looks like for you?

My typical breaky is only green juice or other fresh juice. Lunch is a bowl or smoothie bowl; and then I go all in for dinner.  I know it’s not ideal to have the main meal at night but that is how I roll. My dinner is normally a huge salad with leafy greens and some tahini dressing. I love to add cucumber zoodles and fresh herbs. Eating fresh and green is the best for my digestion and skin. Dinner is never later than 7pm.

You talk about the importance of topical vitamin C in eliminating melasma. Why is vitamin C so helpful in reducing hyperpigmentation?

Vitamin C is a strong component to break down melasma and heal the skin. It nourishes the skin, helps with regeneration and rejuvenation. It is important to use it at least once a day and works best if you apply after micro needling in your night routine.

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You’re not a fan of laser treatments for melasma. Can you tell us why?

I got lasered and loved the effects. I looked flawless and loved my new skin, until I was exposed to the sun! Blemishes and spots came back even darker and even worse. 

Laser polishes the surface but does not treat the root cause. Sun damage needs deeper healing like clinical needling, detoxing the liver, and healing the skin from within. Lasers only work on the surface and if you don‘t take really good care with sun exposure, melasma will bounce back even worse.

You’ve said that professional microneedling is the number one thing that helped the most with your melasma.  Why is microneedling so important?

Because sun damage happens in deeper layers of the skin. Clinical needling reaches these layers and activates the self-healing of the skin. It also makes the skin so young, plump, and glowy.  It is the ideal and most natural treatment for me, as it works without any chemicals. 

How often do you recommend professional microneedling?

I recommend speaking with your skin professional and seeing what she/he says about the need of your skin to get needling treatment. I had a major melasma problem, so I had a couple of treatments. Some others might need less or perhaps more. This is very individual. It also depends on how your skin takes the treatment. I prepared my skin for 3 months with micro needling, serums, and vitamin C.

How long does it take before you start seeing results?

Results can be seen a few days later but it also depends on personal skin type. 

How long did it take you to fully get rid of the melasma?

I’m still on my path and just booked my last clinical needling for this year, which is my fourth in total. 

Do you have any tips for preventing melasma?

Sunscreen 50+. I use 100 SPF. Mind tanning in the sun (this is Mrs. Tanning Queen talking to you). I learned my lesson and paid it off with so much energy, pain, money, and tears.  Wear hats, do your skin care routine daily, and use only good products.

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