Introducing holi(bright) and silk (hair) - the power of silk peptides

Introducing holi(bright) and silk (hair) - the power of silk peptides

I spent a beautiful summer and fall in France in one of the most peaceful places, where I swam in the sea, calmed and reset my nervous system, spent quality time with my chemist, implemented a new and transformative daily routine from my friend Nasiba, all while formulating new products.

Formulating new products is both a passion and a purpose of mine and every time we launch a new product it is after months and months (sometimes even years) of formulating. I formulated my new hair serums with Dara Kaplan over 60 times before perfecting a blend that works on ALL hair types. It was one of the hardest formulas I've ever had to work on, and I know that you are all going to love it. Unlike other hair serums, the results aren't temporary and no harsh silicones are used. It repairs and strengthens hair over time.

I am so incredibly excited to finally launch the new:

  • holi (bright) - a resurfacing glass mask for your face and
  • hair (silk) peptides serum, a soft hydrating hair serum

People ask me all the time what the secret is to how my hair has got so long and thick (it wasn't like this for a long time) and how my skin looks so good at the moment. This mask is so good that I even stopped using retinol and p50 in June.

One ingredient secret?


When I learned how amazing peptides are I knew that they had to be an integral ingredient in my new product line.

Peptides are strings and chains of amino acids that are made naturally in your body and are the building blocks of your skin, hair and muscle.

Peptides are not just building blocks though - they are powerful too - they minimize free radical damage in the body, they help fight inflammation, and they can help your hair and skin look the healthiest they have ever been.

They felt like such a natural ingredient to work with. I wanted this mask and serum to be extra special, so I didn’t want to just use any peptides.

I wanted to ensure the ultimate hair experience, so both products use French silk peptides. They make both of these masks (and ultimately, your hair and your skin) so insanely silky, smooth and soft - I can’t explain how beautiful the experience is.

Let me tell you some more about french silk peptides so you can understand why I chose this ingredient to be the superhero of each product. 

French silk peptides are 100% natural silk proteins that are derived from the silkworm cocoon. The entire process to create these silk peptides is amazing - they are harvested by silkworms (yes, really!) and these beautiful silkworms continually secrete fibroin - thin, silky threads that solidify when they come into contact with the outside world and the air. As the silkworm starts to build its own cocoon, it twists up to 300,000 times (how insane is that!) and produces 1 kilometer of filament.

At Agent, we use hydrolyzed silk peptides for better absorption by your hair and skin.

The benefits of hydrolyzed French silk peptides for your hair are major. The silk peptides strengthen your hair follicles because this strengthening compound contains cysteine (something not always found in all amino acid compounds) and this cysteine works to support the bonds between keratin molecules, adding to more resistant hair follicles through bonding.

The availability of cysteine also boosts keratin production by the body, so as well as strengthening your hair, it helps promote the growth of your hair too.

These silk peptides also deliver hydration - they are made up of a combination of smaller aminos, as well as bigger proteins called oligopeptides, This combo together deeply moisturizes the hair from within and actually penetrates and absorb into the bulb of each of your hair follicles individually.

On top of that, clinical studies show that silk peptides have antioxidant properties - helping to fight against the free radicals, dirt, dust and pollution that your hair comes into contact with on a daily basis. You all know that anything with antioxidant properties is a yes from me. 

And for the face mask - holi(bright) , the benefits are endless too.

The French Silk Peptides are amazing because they are suitable for all types of skin, they absorb moisture deep into the skin and they work to totally overhaul your skin tone, giving it the most amazing, glass, smooth silk-like feel whilst reducing redness, inflammation and irritation.

Not only are they good for the skin, but peptides are also actually made up of amino acids and polypeptides that your skin NEEDS to stay nourished, healthy and glowing. The peptides also act as messengers, they communicate with your body to encourage it to produce more elastin and collagen. This anti-aging influence makes them arguably more effective than some products that just work topically on the top layer of your skin.

The benefits don’t end there though. Peptides also help your entire skin barrier strengthen, whilst being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Basically, French silk peptides are a miracle product!

I have never felt more confident with my hair and my skin and that is exactly why I created these two new peptide-based products for you.

I am in love with French Silk Peptides, I hope you love them too! Be ready for revitalized and refreshed hair and skin. The power of peptides can’t be underestimated.

I can’t wait for you to try them!

Jena x