The topical that acts like a filler (yes, really) - introducing Calcium K

The topical that acts like a filler (yes, really) - introducing Calcium K

Calum K is a killer ingredient. So much so, that we now refer to it at Agent HQ as ‘the filler that isn’t a filler’. Yes, really. It’s the secret superstar in the battle against smile lines (which we all love, but also hate).

What is Calcium K?

Calcium K is actually Calcium Ketogluconate - a French-patented natural molecule - that comes in a pure powder form and is used in a ton of anti-aging products (ours included). Jena is a fan of anything Parisian, so this French molecule is no different and this is the perfect ingredient for age-defying, mature skin products and anti-wrinkle products, among others.

At Agent, we add this ingredient to holi (c), the skin duo, the holi (oil) ageless face serum, and the holi(body) ageless body serum (it works like a dream for hand and lip care too) - but it is in the holi (c) that Calcium K really comes into its element.

Max power, max impact. With continued use, the face can, over time, become re-volumized, your cheekbones will look more defined and your face will look more youthful. We also love the fact that it is ultra-effective and heavily backed by research, clinicals and science - delivering strong results without the potential side effects of getting traditional filler.

How does it work?

The major strength of Calcium K comes in the power that it holds to tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles from the inside outwards.

What does it actually do at a cellular level?

Calcium K works by playing a  significant role in delaying the aging process by working in the dermis, which is the middle and thickest layer of our skin and it is this part of the skin that is responsible for producing elastin and hyaluronic acid (the elements that make us look young, fresh, glowy and healthy, but which, over time, start to decrease in strength, structure and efficiency).

As the aging process starts (a process that is different for everyone and is determined by a whole host of drivers such as environment, air quality, water quality, diet, genetics, skincare, etc) you start to lose elasticity and flexibility in this part of the skin, and that’s when the signs of aging appear - like fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s at this point (assuming that you incorporate it into your skincare regime) that Calcium K can start to naturally stimulate the skin - encouraging it to produce hyaluronic acid and elastin synthesis in the dermis.

The power of Calcium K works from the inside out to help keep the skin elastic, plump and healthy and slow down the aging process, all while the body and your environment might be trying to speed it up.

Calcium K basically helps your skin to produce more of its own hyaluronic acid, which is your skin’s natural filler - and that’s why it’s such a winner.

Are there studies?

For sure. That’s one of the reasons we love it.

In a clinical trial conducted in France, the researchers found that in an invivo clinical study that used a formulation with .5% of Calcium K twice a day for 28 days showed:

  • skin sagging and ‘fatigue’ decreased by 27%; and
  • skin flexibility increased by 16%.

And it’s in holi (c)?

It is. Calcium K is one of just two ingredients in one of our most cherished skincare products - holi (c). This concentrated formula is truly unique — it’s a complexion-saving product for all skin types that comes in a really unique dry powder format. It comes like this because this powder form makes it even more stable than traditional emulsions, meaning that its regenerative benefits will never become compromised with use.

While holi (c) can be used with purified water to apply, we recommend pairing it with our holi (water) for the dream application experience.

Combining holi (c) with our holi (water) offers the additional benefits of calming ingredients such as rosa damascena oil, lavender water, and cucumber water, and the unmatched brightening effects of pitaya - an ingredient that Jena loves and that you can read more about here.

For the full experience and for the ultimate dewy, glossy glow, complete the ritual with our holi (oil) to get another dose of Calcium K (double dosing for the win).

Alongside more Calcium K, this holi (oil) formula also contains sodium ascorbyl phosphate (helping to prevent breakouts), and oryza sativa (Japanese rice bran oil), rosehip oil, and rosa damascena oil to nurture and nourish your complexion, soothe irritation, and retain moisture.

Want to learn more?

Calcium ketogluconate is French-patented, Ecocert certified and is a truly one-of-a-kind molecule.

For more information on this youth-rejuvenating ingredient, click here.