The clinically backed benefits of date seed extract for your eyes

The clinically backed benefits of date seed extract for your eyes

Today I am sharing one of the secret ingredients in one of our most prized skincare products - the holi (glow) ageless eye serum.  

The 2018 wildfire season was a crazy time on so many levels for Californians but one of the things that I thought was most fascinating was the way that the hazy and poor air quality started to show up in my skin and around my eyes as fine lines and wrinkles. The craziest thing was when I jumped on a plane to leave LA, the lines would leave, but then return when I came back.

This was a major moment for me understanding that skin doesn’t just age because of ‘getting older’ (thanks to an ongoing reduction in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid causing our skin to be less elastic, hydrated, and smooth) but that things like air quality, and the damaging and toxic free radicals in the air, can impact our skin’s aging too.

At that moment, I knew I was going to create an eye-serum that combated the toxic city environment that so many of us live in, as well as protecting us against day-to-day life. And honestly? I’m so so happy I did. 

Fast forward a couple of years, the holi(glow) ageless eye serum was born. I’m obsessed with it and I get messages from you every single day saying that you are crazy about it too.

It is one of our most cherished skincare products. It’s powered by plant nutrients - it goes on like a gel and dries like a balm and gives you the most radiant glow. People are so obsessed with it that they even buy boxes of it so they can apply it as a face balm all over their faces, not just around their eyes!

Today, I want to talk to you about the secret ingredient in holi(glow) that I am in love with...

...and that ingredient is date extract which comes from the date palm fruit - an essential part of the diet in many Middle Eastern countries. Like with all of my products, I wanted to source the highest quality ingredients for you, so after much research, we now source all of our dates to create our date seed extract directly from the Middle East. 

This amazing date seed extract is packed with powerful vitamins. High in Vitamin C and Vitamin D, both of these nutrients increase collagen production, making the skin more elastic, plump, and youthful. Vitamin A and Vitamin E also show up strong, helping to boost general skin health.

Date seed extract is also packed full of fibers, minerals, and phenolic compounds that have potent antioxidant activity - one of the main drivers for me to create this product. The antioxidant powers don’t stop there though. It’s really high in tannins (a powerful biomolecule) and folic acid helps in the fight against free radical damage too.

Dates are also really high in oxygen and the importance of strong oxygen levels in the blood and the body can’t be overlooked - it’s the foundation of a strong baseline and healthy radiance in the skin.

Ok, so what else except nourishing and free radical fighting?

As well as nourishing the delicate skin through the presence of pantothenic acid, the nutrient profile of date extract also *strengthens* the tissues around the eyes. I LOVE the idea of strengthening an area that is notoriously delicate - particularly when I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time in LA.  

On top of that, for the Agent Army that likes to use it topically all over their face? Date extract has anti-acne powers. The date plant is also rich in lots of fatty acids (like oleic and linoleic acid) which inhibit the production of sebum which can lead to states of acne.

Have you got studies to back it up?

For sure. At Agent Nateur, I strive to create skincare formulas that are the best on the market but one of my favorite things is keeping things simple. Through extensive research over many years, we’ve come to understand that high-quality products needn’t always be complicated, but must always be backed by research into the power of the ingredients that we choose.

In this research study here, ten women applied an eye cream that contained date extract consistently for five weeks, twice a day, every day. The study found that the date extract reduced the wrinkles of the women by 27.6% and the depth of the wrinkles too, with the study concluding that it “exhibits a significant anti-wrinkle effect” and “is of interest in anti-aging skincare products”.  Win.

And in this study here, they have proven that when you apply date extract to your skin, the benefits are endless. Date extract applied topically is anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, has anti-acne effects (through decreasing skin sebum contents), as well as highly moisturizing (increase in skin moisture) and helping to increase skin elasticity (more anti-aging effects).

Guys, this exquisitely sourced date extract from the Middle East is amazing.  

If you haven't tried our holi(glow) ageless eye serum, I swear you are missing out! 

With love,

Jena x