Q & A Getting to the root cause of health through quantum physics with Veronica Leslie

Q & A Getting to the root cause of health through quantum physics with Veronica Leslie

Are you dealing with a chronic health condition you can’t seem to heal? Have you tried what seems like every healing modality out there? Then bioresonance testing may just be your answer. We spoke with naturopath and co-founder of Root Cause Clinic, Veronica Leslie, to learn about this incredible technology. Veronica explains how bioresonance works from a quantum physics perspective and how it differs from conventional lab testing. We also discuss how frequencies are used to heal the body.

Veronica, can you tell us a little bit about Root Cause Clinic?

We are a bioenergetic lab technology company featuring physics-based solutions that enhance and optimize human and veterinary physiological processes .

What is bioenergetic testing and how is it different from conventional lab testing? 

While the majority of the health and wellness sphere focus on the biochemical model and or identifying the protein sequences  associated with illness, we use the wavelength counterparts on the electromagnetic spectrum of these proteins to make such identifications.  We use our technology to make both assessments , as well as to formulate the actual corresponding therapies and or frequencies indicated for the client.   In essence we literally use hertz to heal your hurts!

Can you explain how bioenergetic testing works from a quantum physics perspective?

While I could write an entire dissertation on this alone, for the immediate gist, let us first define what biophotonics actually is.

Biophotonics can be described as the science of specifically using the electromagnetic spectrum of light (a subdivision of physics) to enhance our assessment of biological processes and biological function.  

In physics, resonance (coupling-phase) is when an oscillating system responds to an alternative force with the maximum amplitude. Such condition generally exists when the frequency of a driving force matches the natural oscillatory frequency of the system.  In the case of our technology, this equates to the frequency tags (wavelengths) we are sending to your specimens, matching, or coming within a significant degree of matching frequency with your specimens.  The amplification of these respective wavelengths can then be used to help interpret as to what precisely is being suggested by the data.

How does your bioenergetic testing differ from other forms of bioenergetic testing technology? 

While we cannot speak to the type of proprietary technologies others in Energy Medicine employ, here are some of the poignant facts that set us apart from the rest:

Root Cause Clinic test at various levels of specificity and sensitivity to pinpoint what is foundational (root cause) and what is secondary symptomology. 

Root Cause Clinic does not force a criterion from which our scans populate their results.  Each scan pulls unique data respective to the bio-individuality of each client’s needs.  While it may be more linear to see the same categories each and every time, we have seen that forcing certain categories of criteria to populate , such as calibrating the technology to always calibrate the top deficient minerals, the lowest hormones, etc.  per se, takes a placeholder of value over other more potentially significant information if it is not in fact a causal factor as to why the client is experiencing their reported health imbalances.  Meaning you could have low magnesium, but this could be the consequence and NOT the cause of your complaints . We would rather you use your money on what will actually yield results. 

Root Cause Clinic offers customized frequency tinctures, and not simply multichord homeopathics intended for a more generalized audience.  We equate this to shopping off the rack, versus having a custom wardrobe.  I think we could all agree that an off the rack item can absolutely complement the wearer, but few (the clotheshorse that I am included) would protest that it pales in comparison to the custom craftsmanship of a personalized tailor. Consider us such latter, couture energy tailors !

Root Cause Clinic also offers laser coherent photon therapy.  Don’t want to take tinctures?  Can’t take alcohol?  We can load your frequencies into a medical grade nm red light linear laser! 

Root Cause Clinic is the original pioneer of Instagram’s first Bioenergetic Emotional Scan.  We have always believed since day one that feelings become flesh!  There is no healing that can be complete without examination of the human being as a whole bioenergetic frequencies.  It is described by many of our clients as “therapy without the talking.”

How can this type of testing benefit someone?

“Seeing is believing” is of the old paradigm.  If you need to see to believe,  just look no further than the electromagnetic spectrum itself to see how very little your world becomes when you base your reality only on what is “seen.” 

As energy is truly the architect of matter, we believe bioenergetic balancing applications are the future for health as we know it.  With that said, when it comes to the types of clients who tend to benefit most from our technology,  here are a few areas where our technology particularly excels :

Poor Detoxifiers-

PCR testing depends heavily on provocation or the client’s ability to successfully secret the said proteins being screened for.  Many of the chronically ill population are in fact the most likely to test negative precisely because they cannot discharge such metabolite and or protein markers.  False negatives result not only in additional years of suffering but can be the literal difference between life and death.

Your Conventional Lab Test Are “Normal” … but your inner compass tells you otherwise-

Our methodology is one of reverse engineering the problem to its true provocation.  It is not uncommon to have a client come to us for help with “chronic UTI” only to find out and later confirm with conventional testing that it was not their urinary tract , but their thyroid wrecking their urethra! 

Autoimmunity & Allergies-

Much of the current medical model rest on the biochemical model of isolating and measuring the immunological protein sequences being or not being produced.  The thing is- that is precisely the problem.  Autoimmune clients often fail to produce immune markers that elucidate the true depiction of what is transpiring, and as a result, can even produce alternative protein sequences which lead to misidentifying or misunderstanding the true etiology of their disease.  Because we are not looking for the protein sequences, but rather the animator of its instruction, we are able to bypass this caveat and conundrum.

Can this type of testing be done long distance?

We work with clients worldwide, from Singapore to South Carolina to Saudi Arabia. Our lab is able to provide its testing services to any and all citizens of the world.  Once your specimens reach our laboratory, they are processed and your results are uploaded to your client portal and practitioner’s dashboard, upon which your RCC contracted provider will begin preparing for your virtual based consult. 

Can you explain what emotional scans are? How can they assist in healing the body? 

Root Cause Clinic is actually the pioneer of the original and first Feelings Become Flesh Emotional Bioenergetic Scan.  When we experience a feeling, whether it be sadness, empathy, joy, or rage, so too is a wavelength counterpart associated with the processes.  Depending on the respective wavelength frequency in question, it will provide a corresponding information code to the tissues of the body with which to adjust itself accordingly .  We all recognize heated emotions such as anger and rage can impact physiological vitals such as blood pressure.  This is no different here. Our scans not only indicate the types of traumas, feelings, individuals, situations, and more surrounding the emotional issues impacting your health, but with the exclusive to RCC algorithm that I created, it can in fact  pinpoint the age of the client when such events happened. 

Our emotional scan tinctures are in fact often referred to as “therapy without the talking” since unlike the verbalization of physical release and or processing of emotional energy , we simply use physics to accomplish the same thing .  Veterans and those suffering with PTSD often describe our emotional scans as  lifechanging, since it allows them to let go of trauma, without being forced to re-live it.

How are frequencies used to heal the body?

Frequency acts as an energetic instruction code with which physiological processes can be augmented and or channeled to achieve a preferred result.  A literal photonic flash of light precipitates and catalyst every biochemical action in the body.  You cannot accept the mainstream applications of frequency such as EKG, pacemakers, and ultrasound yet deny the electrical nature of ALL the body’s processes. 

How can frequencies be used to get rid of pathogens in the body?

When there is a match in resonant frequency, we can actually mobilize particles of matter.  If you have ever seen an opera singer shatter glass, this is one such example , with the glass shattering in midair upon the vibration of the opera singer’s octave matching the precise oscillation of the glass itself.  If you haven’t seen our client collage of parasite  pics on IG…. What are you even doing with your life!?  

How do environmental energetics affect our health?

This is actually one of my favorite subjects to discuss as one of the things I am very big on is the stress of non-native wavelengths on human health.  Humans, like all life on earth,  are in fact designed to be a part of the geometric and electromagnetic sequences of the universe.  Right now, what you are seeing, the disease, the depression, etc., is what happens when man opts to act against such truths instead of in alignment with them. Conventional physics will tell you all the recent technological advancements to our increasingly global world pose no risk to human health and they are partially correct.  Singular exposures, or intermittent exposures to Wi-Fi, radiation, and the like are not the end of the world for most phenotypes.  The problem rather, is the unrelenting sequence with which these conflicting and non-compatible frequencies are delivered.  The universe speaks to us in very specific codes and patterns.  There is for example,  the sun and the moon, and even then, there are phases of the moon a well. We are not designed for the bombardment of any singular constant frequency, much less a non-native one conflicting with our intelligent design.  Such skews our own inherent fields, causing polarization to the human cell signaling process, disease, and ultimately death itself.