Special Agent Sora Connor

Special Agent Sora Connor

Trusted, approved, and admired by our founder, Jena Covello, a Special Agent is someone with healing prowess. Whether their expertise lies within the skin, the gut, or the mind, they bring a unique perspective and care for those they work with and influence.

Meet Special Agent Sora Connor. Sora went from being a professional dancer touring with some of the most iconic artists in the music industry for 10+ years to being a sought after celebrity facialist and fitness instructor. She has a holistic approach to self-care and self love, making each and every client interaction, whether on the mat or on her treatment bed, a unique experience.

Name: Sora Connor

Instagram: @soraconnor

Expertise/magic: Treating, soothing, loving on the skin and sculpting the body.

Who/what drew you to your expertise? Love of movement, service, and skincare.

Beauty staples: 

I’m going to lay this out from head to toe:

Hair: R&Co On A Cloud Baobab Oil Repair Masque

Face: Matter Of Fact Vitamin C Serum

Body: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

What was your relationship like with your skin growing up? I watched my mom with her skincare growing up and I did what I could to emulate her routine. The products I used got better as I got older, of course, but growing up I did a lot of experimenting. I grew up in Korea, where skincare is a way of life and the stores and options are seemingly unlimited so I was always buying and trying something new.  

Beauty philosophy: Find what works for YOU. Not someone else. And if it makes you feel good and it’s doing good, do it. 

Mental health remedy/ritual: The Korean Spa is my go to.  I like to go alone (and this is so important for me since I’m actually quite introverted and need alone time to reset), so I can really zone out and not have to think. 

Desert island superfood/supplement: Blueberries, mango, and melon and some sort of probiotic.

Go-to Agent Nateur product: holi (body) Ageless Body Serum, holi (silk) Peptides Soft Hydrating Hair Serum, holi (bright) Resurface Glass Face Mask.