Jena’s Holiday Gift List

Jena’s Holiday Gift List

Looking for a little inspiration this festive season? 

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year as I get to give gifts and share some of the things I’m loving with those I love most.

In the spirit of the season, I’m unwrapping my favorite gifts to add to your holiday gift list or to your wish list. Read on for what’s on my holiday gifting list for 2022.

AGENT NATEUR holi (wash), holi (body), holi (balm)

A stocking filled with Agent Nateur? Yes please!

I mean it wouldn’t be my gift guide without highlighting some of the Agent Nateur products I’m currently obsessed with. The products I’ve formulated are simply too good not to share with your loved ones and the holiday season is the perfect time to open up the eyes of those around you to the benefits of all-natural skincare. 

To really indulge in my self-care routine during this time of year, I choose holi (wash) followed by holi (body) at the end of a bath or shower followed by body (balm). 

S.HEART.S Hairbrush (+ the hair brush cleaner everyone needs)

Something else I’m so excited to gift is this Scalp Brush from S.heart.S. It is UNREAL! 

It gives a scalp massage (which is essential for stimulating blood flow to the bulbs which promotes hair growth and limits hair loss) and is the best detangling brush I’ve ever used. It doesn’t rip my hair, especially when I allow holi (locks) to sit in my hair overnight before I wash and condition it. It’s usually cheaper on Amazon so check there first. 

Why not also pair it with this Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner which I use to keep my brushes clean. It’s a must-have for me as I make cleaning my hair brushes a priority, always


I’m definitely going to be sharing these with friends and family this holiday season. They’re so delicious and gluten free too! I pick them up whenever I’m at Erewhon.

I hope you, your friends, and your family will enjoy them as much as I do.

Hotel Costes Brown Scented Candle

France is my favorite country and Hotel Costes is my favorite place. It’s my home away from home and the place where I hibernated for weeks and for seven years formulating and perfecting Agent Natuer alone in my room. Which is why the Hotel Costes Brown Scented Candle is so special to me and has been my favorite for ten years! It is also formulated by one of my most favorite noses in the world, Olivia Giacobetti. Its unique and heady scent smells absolutely heavenly. I know you will love it too!

Spinelli Kilcollin

Looking to splurge? Treat yourself or your loved one to my friend Yves Spinelli's exquisite Spinelli Kilcollin rings.

Love Jena x